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1.WEDDING-BRIDAL WORLd-in person seminar





 SPECIAL seminar (in person) 


It 's pretty sweet to plan your wedding event. Filling in a list about each amazing expense you have to effort for one of the most beautiful days in your life. You admire exotic flowers, luxurious fabrics on bridal dresses, elegant decoration by a pool or the coast, shoes made by dreams and music inspired by heaven.

Next thought ?

Money you don 't earn.

Money you can't spend for these events.

Money you don't expect as a gift by anyone.

If you need to get married or you have to organize this event for a friend or another, you have to think seriously.

You need to be smart and inspirable.

You need to try creating your own art. To reveal your talents.

To try each chance to sparkle your life with beauty using smart braindrops.


Simply think the last time you spent an amount of money on things you could create by yourself. You realized that, when you mentioned carefully all those objects you admire on stores, articles, social photos & celebrities.

If your wallet had got a mouth, it could be Andrea Bocelli in person to cause your best emotion.


How and why you spend a whole salary on easy, tiny, silly reasons? 

Even a child could create stunning art following ordinary directions. 

It 's a right to use your money as you like, but after the mad shopping time, it's you who screams about your bills. Bills came from the hell.


Then you get an invitation from a lovely person. Your roommate at the college gets married. You arrive at a garden yard full decorated with fresh flower bouquets, tied to satin ribbons.

What a magical image to see the bride approaching to people, enjoying her lace skirt dancing on the grass. You wonder why she doesn't care if it gets dirty. It looks expensive.

Fine glasses filled with drinks come close with delicious catering delicasies. How much money this friend spends for this day? The selected musical song list is absolutely ideal to call all ages to enjoy the wedding party.

And now you clearly mention each detail: bridal hair bobby pins full in pearls, customized objects on fence corners made by wood, fabric, paper, all great in style, stealing the eyesight. 

And what about you? Wanting to ask about this event. 

Feeling like the bride had recently won to a lottery.

''No, my dear'', she tells you. ''I learnt to create everything by my own, with my family & friends using ideas and my new revealed skills.

''No way!'', you lisp. Your curiosity paints circles in your brain.

A notebook with a pen are now in your hands to do the math exercise. Addition. You need so much money for your wedding.

Economy! The bride here saved so much money.

It's time to learn how she did that.

She tried her skills on an easy seminar.

Find it here.      


It 's so lovely to discover your talents creating your own ideas.

You will find very interesting the fact to develop your ability

adding inspiration on these adorable moments of a life event.

Even it is about your wedding day or your best friend' s moments,

you feel wonderful, to show your fantasy quality applied on creative actions. 

Make it a picture in your eyes.

You rule on this day, showing skills and knowledge of your personality.

You may follow these lessons, to let them traveling you to an ideal new job.

You want to learn how to create all these you admire in wedding events.

From the elegant bridal dress to the cute bridesmade.

You like each tasty cake stood on an amazingly decorated table.

Your movements get smooth by the incredible music list during the party.

You then wait to catch the beautiful bridal flower bouquet.

And YOU are now able and happy to be a real art creator of all these items...

You can LEARN and you can DO them in real. To sew, paint, tie, brush, style.

Easily, using ideal materials and smart ways to save money and time.  


14 Units

  • wedding &

  • bridesmaid dress : 3 basic designs

  • bridal jewel : part of the J-jewel study course

  • flower bouquet : 3 special styles

  • wreaths & objects : 10 styles

  • glasses & pots : 10 ideas - designs

  • decorations : a full agenda with suggestions

  • bridal shoes : full styling 

  • hair accessories : 5 styles 

  • guest's gifts : a variety of ideas 

  • party themes : suggestions in various styles

  • desserts : 5 ideas for inspired menu  

  • music lists : complete song lists in various styles

  • & special creations : details / notes about everything

Image by Orlova Maria

how to get this full seminar

  • You have access to this study live seminar just filling the existed form on the  seminar page.

  • You chose the seminar No 1. Bridal World and you submit to the site.

  • Add the info you are asked for and you can get everything you need, to take part in the seminar.

  • You need nothing to buy by yourself as a box is gifted to you with things you need to create art.

  • Please mention that fabric is the only item not included in the offer.

  • Payment ways & dates of each seminar are set in time within e-mail communication.

  • Feel confident during the seminar time and after 8 weeks you can start to be proud of your own creations.

  • This seminar is offered as a Home Study Course, also.

Bride and Groom
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