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1 or 2 ? Can You Help Me To Choose A Cover?

My J - jewel Home Study Course needs a cover. And I appreciate your opinion.

Welcome to my #blog again.

I use this place to #connect with you and today I need your precious help.

It's a long time I prepare a series of home #study #courses for you.

You all get the full info here on my site by their own presentations.

And you make me feel happy in e-mail messages, as you enjoy each real story lives in there.

You ask me details about the time all 'll be available to you.

Many of you ask me about the size and the language.

Others ask about sections and the final exams after the studying time.

I create these #programs with passion. Helping you to advance your daily life.

It's not just about the pure style and a better personal image.

It's not just about to add beauty in your home.

My main point in mind when I write each tip and paragraph,

every part of organized knowledge based on these subjects - fashion & decoration - reveal a serious meaning about #life.

Your life.

My life.

Lives of all the people.

  • We all love beauty in everything we wear.

  • We all like to live in a pretty place.

  • We also need to control our expenses.

  • And we spend many to have even useful things.

  • Think about more and more we admire but we can't have cz of our hard situation on salaries themes and #work_issues.

People need to save cash money.

So I help us to do this exactly within our own skills.

Skills we don't even know we' ve got.

To live in #proud.

To provide all our #needs to ourselves.

Within all these #goods we run to buy or create.

''I wrote '' #create ''. This verb spreads ability, confidence, better lifestyle and love for the well living''.

In this home study course, then, I put everything you need to create your own #jewels.

  1. To wear them,

  2. to #gift them to other people,

  3. to do the best #shopping about them and

  4. to learn info you may never mention before.

  • Materials,

  • ways to create them,

  • combinations in outfits,

  • celebs who suggest crazy images,

  • fashion games in front of your mirror.

Sweet moments full in creativity.

All ages love jewels.

From a simple wedding ring to a plastic bracelet for a kid,

all these body ornaments cause a tender smile to you and me and our lovelies.

My study course I now prepare needs a cover.

I 've just created these #covers here.

I ask you to tell me by heart, which of these 2 you like the most.

Cz I feel you as my close people and that would #help me,

to choose the best one for my creation.

Can you?

Thanx so much for your support and pure love to my try.

Love you all, too!


As the time passes by, new things come on the site here.

Run & grab your gift from here.


Creatively yours, Marya.
Creatively yours, Marya.


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