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10 Best Beauty Items Under 20$

We want them all. We need them all. We deserve them all.

We talk about #money. We whisper about #style during hard times. If you miss the money in your wallet you feel strange. It's a hard feeling attending to lovely shopping times, knowing that bills hold your hands bonded to the focus on each coin in your pocket.

“Any idea about a money - creator - machine? Whether you respect the fields of #science & #technology, I dare to confess that I hate their failure to design a gadget like this. To save us from #poverty. To share happiness on our #economical issues''.

Shared wealth is the best point ever. It's my own opinion. Just because of the emotional quote you could receive from an action like that. I still keep the sweet hope to this discovery to see things getting helpful for everyone.

And I know this sounds like utopia or tricky. Maybe more crazy than this life suits to. Chimera? But I wish about it. For me, for you and the humanity.

We all love beauty and good treatment or beautiful products.

People often say they don't like #beautiful things. Perhaps to avoid feeding the mood we all keep about daily #needs. They pretend they don't need things just to feel plenty of everything. That is a fake feeling.

In their private hours they feel jealous on people, who use daily products. We don't talk about luxurious objects. Just those daily little things for personal use or things we need to feel nice starting the day.

As they can't get all these for themselves, they rate law the quality of everything in their mind, just to feel strong.

It's an option if you didn't mentioned before. Do you think they feel nice?

I don't thing so. Last time I catched a word of my friends, I realized that people could spend huge amounts of money for useless products. The life status of a person does not matter.

Let me reveal you, that I feel crazily shocked, when I see rich friends to search for logical prices on things, at the same times when poor ones buy real expensive goods.

Not for their quality. Just to cause others. To feel like a celeb for some hours.

Even owing money to people about their food essentials or services.

On the other part rich ones could spend without even checking prices or #sales, getting real bad things while a poor one creates by himself clever and amazing products to use on their face or the body. Creams, lotions, shampoos, after shave balms, soaps and more.

''Of course there are general examples on people. No one can insist that a rich guy spends the wealth, when the poor one saves money. It depends on the personal view about life themes. ''Learn skills - save money''

This is a wide #phylosophy about life and it is the basic point of my own #seminars and home study courses you meet here in my site''

But which 10 things could be your lovely in a daily use?

Let me show you my 10 lovely products.

And their prices walk on logic. They hug adorable small numbers.

I prefer to name this list ''smart shopping''.

Why? Read bellow to learn each cute detail.

( I do really love #handcrafted products full of #natural materials and from local, legal, companies or brands. My addictions are:

{ #hermangourmetcosmetics/ Cypriot brand - #freshlinecosmetics/ Greek brand }

I also like the direct shopping time from other companies within their catalogues. My basic passions are:

{ #oriflame/ Swedish brand - #Avon/ U.S.A. #yvesrocher/ French brand }

Free Courier Service is a good option, too. )

Here are my essentials. ( Prices in euros.)

  1. Face Soap. 5- 17e

  2. Face & Body scrub gel/ cream. 3- 18e

  3. Face cream - SPF 30 at least. 5- 18e ( Afrer shave cream/ gel 3- 15e/ natural facial butters 5e, for my Johnnie ).

  4. Body Deodorant. 2- 5e

  5. Shampoo & Conditioner. 3- 10e

  6. Hair Mask. 3- 18e

  7. Hair Color Kit. 5- 13e

  8. Nail Colors with Glitter. 2- 8e

  9. Mild Toothpaste & Special Mouth Wash. 2- 14e

  10. Mascara. 3- 18e

And here is my smart option, if you want to avoid buying them.

  1. Half of a small spoon of baking soda with 1 spoon of water. Make a liquid with both materials, rub gently on face and rinse out.

  2. The upper way wins a double trophy as it gets the scrub role at the same time!

  3. Virgin oil or #aloe vera in drops. #Carite soft #butter. Apply avoiding the eye area. Johnnie uses often carite butter left in warm place just to be soft, after shaving.

  4. The sweet #baking #soda does the work here for you again. Just put on armpits after the bath/ shower on clean skin.

  5. Guess... 3/ 4 spoons of baking soda in a glass of water. Put and massage on wet hair as you do with your regular shampoo and feel your hair light and clean. Baking soda is the weakest alkaline and cleanses as well.

  6. A lot of recipes exist to help your hair looking and being wonderful. Oils or honey, milk and avocado, eggs, lemon or aloe vera, almond oil and more natural materials can be used. A quick searching can fill your beauty notebook. My loveliest habit is to apply on #scalps pure almond oil leaving all over night and washing the hair on the next day (putting on dry hair the shampoo and later adding water to wash it easily.) It makes my hair silky perfect and I have to mention that they reach 90cm, long.

  7. Here I have to resist on opinions that suggest me to leave my natural color. I keep white parts, so I need to color them. I feel better in the blond color I keep at these days. So I keep my roots fresh using a hair color kit from a beauty store or a supermarket and they look always like just walking out from a hairdresser salon.

  8. Just let it to belong to a known firm. Each bad time of a nail product affects to our lips too. I am really careful to use good color products on my nails. My hands get hardly tired and hurt on my working times, creating everything by them, sewing on hand, painting or any, so they deserve my focus on the best quality.

  9. I run after sales in pharmacy stores, as I faced a hard gum therapy and I have to use great products for my teeth. Mild water though always helps. Just rinsing out well after eating candies or other foods.

Eyes are precious so it's absolutely great to be careful on any product put on them. Only known/ famous firms should be used on the eye area. A variety of prices are offered in the comercial world. The castor oil can do miracles on the #lashes lenght putting it using a mascara clean brush. Even virgin olive oil helps. Do never touch the inside part of your eyes. It is dangerous, so be careful.

Easy to follow my way in beauty habits, isn't it?

So many ways to save money about your #essentials in your #beauty #treatment.

So many ideas and examples to feel beautiful and #fresh. The only you need is to try it.

The only you need is to dare. Be #smart. The easy for you is to love #nature and #simplicity.

So what?

It's time to give you an example. Last time my friends asked me for advices on this topic, they mentioned that they saved more than 70e during a single month. Just following these simple easy tips of my own daily beauty routine. And this is a simple example.

They went out then and they really enjoyed the night in a Trendy #Greek #tavern eating and singing. As they told me later they couldn't effort an expense like this since months. The end of each week demanded more and more money to pay on useless things just bought at a weak moment. Without a serious thought on money.

It was like a hidden #elf, then, living in their beauty shelf gifted them that joyful night out. Without a plan, as an extra funny time but these times demand some money, of course.

I don't know if that was its exact name but another elf may be angry.

You wonder who would be? The bad daimon of the economy surely felt as loser, when seeing people winning lovely times, spending after a smart money planning way.

Think of it. You use your saved money in other activities or goods.

As you like. As you want. As you need. Not bad at all.

So many #activities, #goods, #lessons, reasons wait you giving to your saved money worth.

Am I right?



Do you use smart products?

What your daily routine list includes in ?


Please feel free to answer me here by email and

share the article to your social pages,

if you think it would help our lovelies.

Keep in touch reading my free blog posts and thanks for joining my site here!

Blessings to you!




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