Vintage Style Adds Quality In Your Life & Why People Love it.

Looking like a hero of old famous Hollywood movies gets you in amazing mood.

Ladies & gendlemen, welcome to a vintage magical world.

You woke up early today and suddenly you realize that your daily routine staying at home has nothing stunning to narrate to your mood.

It's not neccesary to be an author, though. Your aura needs a mysterious mood, beautiful fabrics on your clothes, smooth hair, captive pale makeup or a sensual perfume to rush on your skin. You discover a movie hero in your personality and finally it's your right to demand beauty in your style, life and attitude.

Look, I want to be honest. Some people don't know what vintage means. They think we talk about 2nd hand items, or things belonging at some other time to strangers. This is a chance. Not the only one, indeed. This is respectable as opinion. Here though, I won't try to force you on this path.

Let me explain that when we say vintage we mean items created on this style, too. They usually look exactly like the old lovely items. There is a whole phylosophy and industry about new designs based on vintage ones. Vintage is a trend - an attitude.

''Do you feel like a star? ''

Why not? It could be costing you the most but even nothing to follow a vintage style in outfits and I am here to enjoy you with my crazy times, while I was a student running like a jaguar to fix things.

My projects wanted me to feel on a list of moods, like the list we write down doing our shopping. Stubborn things like being:

  1. Stylish even tired.

  2. Smiley even angry.

  3. Funny even sleepy.

  4. Friendly even standing on feet at silly events during 3 days of a gala.

Had I told you? Music is one of my passions and it is my medicine.

Imagine me then, wishing to stop the melodies. Just to relax my ears from the mad noise of people who try to create. Create for what? For the exams of the year. For 4 years in a serie. The subject was given to all of us in the classroom, divided in themes:

20s, 60s, 70s, Garden, Byzantine World, Egyptian Style, Modern Evening.

The story wanted me lucky - based on my experience & high grades to pick up those theme I desired to, taking part in the fashion show. Just lucky, as I always kept & keep a secret weapon, since I was a child.

''The vintage style: The style which transformate you into a princess, a cartoon, a movie star, a famous singer or a fabulous persona you love to be. Music helps to inspire you. Getting the authentic spirit of the past time you are called to revive. And letting you live it in real. ''