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3 Basic Tips For Lovely Styling.

For beauty & comfort.

How styling adds quality & comfort to outfits
How styling adds quality & comfort to outfits

🛑You love to be stylish. You take care of outfits & fashion.

They add comfort and beauty on your image and it gives you a happy mood.

🛑A smart view on styling transforms a whole image.

🛑You follow your personal style, new trends, pictures on social accounts.

And you try new fashionable suggestions just to feel modern.

But these are simple thoughts about styling.

If you love to secure your style feeling comfortable and equally, here are :

3 Precious Tips:

  1. Correct size.

  2. Good materials/ fabrics.

  3. Ideal underwear.

Well, you need to check info about these items.

  • Quality of a fabric means to check its strength on its use. So they must be washable. By you or by profs. Or you need to iron some details on them. Let them being strong enough for daily use. Cotton, polyester, pure natural or made by new technologies new fabrics last for a long time.

  • Zips are extremely comfort as buttons are easy to be added/ exchanged on clothes.

  • Many clothes need exact underwear to look great on your body. The correct size of a cloth, means that it fits great on your real body measured numbers. So the look is amazing.

'' Trendy style 's not enough for your outfits. ''

Never forget to :

🛑Mention everything about allergies.

You may ask for quality in each material touches your skin

🛑Wash sensitive items by hand, in 30° C or 86 F°, to not destroy them.

stylish and beautiful
Stylish and beautiful


What about your Styling Tips?

What do you mention on your own styling ideas about outfits?


Tell me here, in e-mail or through social networks.

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