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3 Reasons To Put White Color On Walls.

On Decoration!

White walls play great with any color.
White walls play great with any color.
  • 🌺You love to #decorate spaces, so follow smart tips to avoid useless expenses.

  • 🌺It's lovely to add beauty in #houses. The great image of a room, the time you live in it is precious. Even you are a creative #interior_designer or a person who just adores to renew a place, you need a plan to organize your ideas.

Stylish room
Stylish room

3 tips to love white walls:

  1. What colors to put on #white_walls?

  2. What about the antithesis among them?

  3. Which decorative accessories help to style the place?

Get the answers on these questions.

  1. The full color palette plays its big game on #plain_white_walls. It's like painting on plain canvas.

  2. Whether you love cold or warm colors you can try any combination to give energy in your spaces. Try to use a number of colors to relax your eyes. 2 , 5 or 10? A team of 3 looks great.

  3. Keep a basic color on walls. Here we talk about the #white_color. Cushions, frames, flower vases, a statue, boxes, shelves, a sofa cover add good portions of color in the space to give power.

Live in beautiful places keeping a clean, easy, light base.
Add smart portions of color on objects to play the game effectively .

White base in bathroom/ closets
White base in bathroom/ closets

Clean the space.

  • Light colors are lovely.

  • The white color is the king of fresh and light colors.

  • Just keep it clean to look amazing.


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Marya Milagros for
Marya Milagros for


How do you play with colors on decoration?

Do you love the white color?






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