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4 Tips For Cushions & Pillows.

For beauty & comfort.

Style and comfort on cushions, pillows and their cases
Style and comfort on cushions, pillows and their cases

🛑You love cushions, pillows and their cases.

They add comfort and beauty on your sofa, bed, armchair.

🛑It's not a lie that a smart choice of fabric / material is able to change the view of a whole place. A cushion can play a basic rule in decoration themes.

🛑You follow your personal style, exact preferences, specific taste in fashion & decoration.

🛑And when you add items at home or office, you try to pay the correct amount of money to name the project smart, stylish, practical, supportable and comfortable.

4 tips:

  1. What to mention?

  2. Why to avoid a fabric?

  3. With zip or not?

  4. How many of them?

Well, you need to check info about these items.

  1. Quality on fabric means to check its strength on its use. You may have a nap on them. You may rest your waist too. Sweat should not stay on its material. So they must be washable.

  2. Silken velvet, light satin, organza, tulle are not strong enough for daily use. Cotton, velvet, polyester, woven fabrics lasts for a long time.

  3. A zip is extremely comfort when you need to clean a pillow or cushion.

  4. Many cushions allow you to rest on them. Or they are added as precious details of a great decoration in a place. The main size of the room or place though, suggests the correct number of them to avoid the plethora of useless items. 2-3 on a 3seat sofa look good. 2 in medium size on a 2seat sofa are enough. 2 big cushions add character on a salon. Floor cushions used as seats look amazing.

'' Their daily use and your long/ open view on its style, makes a cushion or pillow lovely and necessary.''

Let's meet styles on cushions & pillows. ( Click to find keywords. )

🛑Mention everything about allergies. You may ask for quality in the filling material of your cushions and pillows.

🛑Wash decorative items them by hand, in 30° C or 86 F°, to not destroy them.

🛑Items you use to sleep on should get washed by hot water and mild cleaning methods or you trust professionals to help you.

Soft cushions/ pillows for tender hearts...
Soft cushions/ pillows for tender hearts...


What about yours?

How you choose cushions or pillows?

Do you like them?

Do you need them?

Do you buy them or you prefer to create them with special details?


Tell me here, in e-mail or through social networks.

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