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5 + 4 Tips About Open Kitchens.

Why & what on modern style .

Modern kitchen in golden - silver colors. N.Y. Picture roles the game.
Modern kitchen in golden - silver colors. N.Y. Picture roles the game.

🌟 In an open plan kitchen - living room...

  1. you will calmly follow the rest of its furniture,

  2. wall texture,

  3. even curtains and decorative items

  4. cooking utensils - confectionery & serving.

🌟 An unfortunate exaggeration will spoil the eye focus on detail of ...

  1. the apron / #mirror under the cupboards,

  2. the relief of the #listelo items to the #tiles on the wall,

  3. a kitchen with supposedly #simple design, but #elegant, reminiscent of

  4. #glam_industrial_style in golden - silver colors plus glass in a new modern apartment.

Extra cupboards put as a tiny room divider.
Extra cupboards put as a tiny room divider.

The #contrast of the bathroom in the background in dazzling coral color

challenges you for a party. I love these ideas, anyways...

(I wish I could invite you all to this place right away!)

Every kitchen style is not easy in use.

Some times I wonder about prices and surfaces

but pure style never follows the money monarchy for sure.

Here you get lessons for your smart interior style.

My suggestion for a basic, easy, lovely, daily, cute kitchen room is to feel comfortable in it.

  • smooth surfaces ( to wipe / clean it safely )

  • practicality in shapes

  • try to use each inch/ cm/ m ( storage ability )

  • simple details on opening parts ( to mix & match styles )

  • quality on metallic details ( to avoid breaking )

  • basic / neutral colors ( for easy combinations in styling )

  • eccentric texture on colors to express your idea

  • extra added cupboards fixed on floor and ceiling ( divider )

  • logical price ( no crazily expensive - no ridiculous cheap )

  • matching jars / pots to follow the style.

My 1st and bad idea was full of glitter and strass .

Think of my picture...

🌟 Months before the work...

I 've just imagined bright surfaces like living in Hollywood.

Believe me I just wanted to keep 2 or 3 details to catch the glam mood.

No more.

No way, for more. I wouldn't like it.

🌟 And then I visited the shops and creators.

Each time I tried to touch anything I liked the most, pieces of the items remained in my hands. As they knew my work, the shop owner told me to avoid them all.

Even keeping a good quality I could imagine their later damage...

🌟 I tried simple but smooth surfaces, strong and easy to use them daily.

Kitchens are places for cooking and not models posing for magazines.

Kitchens need people to get alive.

Kitchen connect people among delicious candies and fresh veggies, meat bites and juices in glasses.

🌟🙏🏻🌟 Laughs and lovely mood cook happiness. 🌟🙏🏻🌟

The best decoration in this room is your fantasy and smile.

And if you are a creative person
who Loves Fashion & Decoration
but tries hard to save money to live well,

🌟Coming soon for all creative people!

B. The very first 2 Home Study Courses get prepared in next days for you!






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