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5 + 5 Tips Of White Outfits.

Fresh but sensitive!

You want to wash them!

You want to dry them!

You avoid to to touch them!😊 😊

They get you in dirt trouble.😊🙏🏻

They are very beautiful, bright, cool, fresh.

Hard to stain, also.

Very difficult to spread on a clean surface.

It is very difficult to lean somewhere with them or to touch it with your hands.


Our white clothes.

Our white appearances.

Our total #white_outfits.

🌟 But it's not just nice to get them.

Think about where and how you will try them.

If you are outside the stains will be more frequent.

Reasonable and expected.

🌟 Ink, dust, food, makeup, perfume can get them dirty before you even leave your home.

A lot of people are not made for such bright clothes.

In their first movement they get dirty. Like cute babies.

🌟 At the same time others wear them with a crazy comfort taking care of them at every time. They try white color in shirts, tops, blouses with a jacket.

If you check them in a skirt or pants, they do not sit recklessly wherever they are.

'' White, our aristocratic but troublesome clothes'' .

I often wonder if it's worth having a lot of white, since we need for them an exact toiletry bag. Are you laughing ?😊🙏🏻😊

  1. Inside this bag you need: special detergents,

  2. bleaching papers,

  3. baking soda,

  4. natural lemon juice for sweat marks from the armpits or

  5. money for the laundry if the stain does not come out on the second attempt.

🌟 (This 5th tip, is my own rule about a stubborn stain)🌟

Here are 5 more tips that are good to note ...

  1. Beige / nude color in lingerie ( you are not a rock star provoking on stage ).

  2. Slips with soft ends so that they don't mark ( you do not want to look like a sausage ).

  3. Beautiful bra straps ( so, if they appear, let them not shame you ).

  4. Storage cases ( you will keep them for a long time in perfect condition ).

  5. In monochrome outfits match the shade of the pieces ( you wear ice white with sugar white color, light off-white or beige and always one of them looks like dirty ).

You, my ambitious lovelies, you can't win catching my white color
You, my ambitious lovelies, you can't win catching my white color


Feel more of a housewife.

Soak them in a bowl with mild soap and water at a suitable temperature.

Clean the clothesline with a baby towel or damp cloth before hanging.

Iron with a cloth.

Well, you 'll get degree. ''Excellent'' .


Exams - treatment of white clothes
Exams - treatment of white clothes

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