6 Bags: Name Them ''Smart''

Why these bags are lovely.

So many styles in bags - so many colors and uses. All colors or styles aren't accepted by everyone. Many people hate them as they cause them anxiety. They feel their eyes irritated by this strong effect colors do among each others. Do you remember one of my previous articles here about bedroom decoration? No I don't use to copy paste texts. :) I just want to show you this:

Feel that fashion and decoration are like beloved brothers.

Both colors and styles rule in the same way in both artistic fields.

Today we talk about bags.

These tiny or bigger fashion - and not only - accessories.

Bags for women.

Don't you think bags are like small drawers?

Bags help us to organize our essentials when we run to many places during our busy day.

Or when we go for walk.

Some women use to bring just keys, money, a hair scrunch or caramels so we just fill pockets avoiding keeping them all tided into a bag. To be honest this is a bad habit.

We destroy each cloth pushing items into their pockets- and we all know how hard is to repair a pocket on its edges. And we often pay on that job. Not necessary expense if we take care of clothes. So, don't put many things in pockets.

(In S-styling together home study course there is a whole section dedicated to learn you how to do the repair by your own! Don't miss it *)

Another issue is that an ideal bag adds beauty to our outfit. Color makes moods. Style adds character. The ideal size of a bag easily keeps our things safe and we can also add a snack or a mascara, our sun glasses or more useful items we may need in a busy day.

Which 6 bags ? And why ?

As we can check in photo gallery a tiny black in informal style even with a logo can join us at night. A colorful made by canvas can add special personality on a minimal or monochromatic outfit without wearing even jewels or a crazy type of shoes. A catchy color can fuel our energy just for a modern styling. A bag made by natural materials like rope comes with us to the beach or on shopping time. Easy lovely hard working for us bringing in it supplies, water, sandals, cosmetics and more. Take a look to a tote bag. It's always simple but cute, ideal and comfy for use. If we keep files or papers or smaller bags the last one 'll be our best. Exact shape keeps everything in its best condition.