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7 Tips+. Why Black Sneakers Take You Everywhere!

Just Love them.

The easy color. The ideal comfy mood. The perfect style.
The easy color. The ideal comfy mood. The perfect style.

Why sneakers?

You need to feel comfortable.

Even you go out to dance at clubs or on trips.

You love to wear #trendy_shoes.

Match outfits to the most #easy_shoes you can ever find among a mountain of shoes.

A #stylist with smart ideas is your best friend.

A lovely type of shoes . Sneakers.
A lovely type of shoes . Sneakers.

Why to keep a good pair of #sneakers in your styling storage

The perfect shoes adds to your good image.

An ideal pair of shoes improves your outfit's beauty.

It's easy to find a pair of sneakers shoes, in nice price and design.

Shoes stand close to outfits.
They never come 2nd in value when you do the styling.

  1. Sneakers in white color belong to a day styled image. Nights love dark colored sneakers.

  2. White sporty shoes can't join a formal or evening outfit. Sporty details ruin the elegant mood.

  3. It's a wrong styling fact when you try to put sneakers close to an absolute nighty creation. Celebs do it often but this doesn't mean it's correct. They just dare to cause noise. And there's no any reason for you to follow those silly movements. No, there 's not any trendy result on it.

  4. When an outfit looks sparkling made for evening events the shoe should look equally precious and chic.

  5. Eccentric style is surely an independent style. It has to do with originality and not wrong ideas. And wearing wrong shoes is just wrong. Dot.

  6. A black pair of sneakers approaches easier a formal outfit than a red, white, green, blue, yellow, flashy, colorful one.

  7. It has to do with the formal, dark elegance this color provides, when it covers any surface.

A tricky tip about the black color is that it makes items looking more expensive than they actually are.

Keep in your mind this styling info:

  • It's the main clothing style which join fairy the whole outfit.

  • The magic sense at styling moments is to catch the way to look amazing.

  • Using a daily item transforming it to a nighty one without putting you out of the project as person is called ART.

NIKE says: Just do it!

Marya Milagros suggests: Just love it!



Do you like black sneakers?

Why YOU could wear them everywhere?

I 'd love to hear from you.

Drop me a line here or even in e-mail or socials sites.

It's great to exchange views on topics.


P.S. I am here for you,

if you have Questions on how to find solutions in daily strange issues styling causes to us.

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Marya Milagros
Marya Milagros

Creatively Yours,



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