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7 Ways To Do Economy At Home In Just 1 Week & Save Cash Money For Your Free Time

The easy tip list will leave you speechless, asking yourself, why not following it before.

It's early morning. So early morning.

Actually it's a morning giving you limited moments to get yourself ready for work.

You feel sleepy. You hug the pillow. Your cat needs to sleep, too.

Hurry up.

You make a hard war to your blanket saving tired moments for additional sleeping time.

You finally wake up with a Droopy dog face and your eyes look like locked doors.

10 minutes is your available time to take a douche and wash your teeth.

No even a word on snack preparation.

Your kitchen shouts to you again that you ignore your health and nutrition issues.

Your bathroom smells nasty as you left it in a stormy mess for one more night, as always.

The door now whispers to you changing the time of your clubbing or cafe entertainment.

It's time to come back home early enough to make your space looking familiar like a warm nest. Your rooms need cleaning but your free time is limited.

And your dirty mirror laughs at your hair.

You look like the crazy lamb, running in green fertilized fields!

Is this a real, proud, easy, comfortable life for you?

It's almost night and you ate one meal and snacks out of the house.

The only you need now is to take a bath and sleep.

Really? Who's gonna set the cloth machine on?

When to dry the work clothes and who will clean the house?

You are not bad, silly or rebel. You are not dirty or restless.

You just need time to think. Smart thinking. So, how you can accommodate your daylife?

I make you an alive picture right now. You are waiting a serious answer.

And you have already told me about your desperation on losing money.

Can I tell you? It should be you, who needs to think as mature as he can.

It's your house.

You just need a controlled and clear mind.

And smart tips. To be clean.

Many tips. To take care of your clothes.

Many tricks. To be creative on cooking, baking, styling & more.

Tricks to win services and material, working time and knowledge on everything.

So that is you in a daily mode.

Oh, man, you run on a mad circle in the Zero zone.

Zero time to do things you need. Zero moments to save for yourself. And you don't even know it. And you don't even know why that happens.

The truth is that you can't accept your situation as it is painful to your ego.

The easy quick excuse is about your busy day. Yes! I know this. Every day of yours is busy. Work and other reasons outside of your place steal your life.

The next sentence is about money. Here we are to try a great analyzation.

Do you remind the mad morning you face on every day?

Clothes left on a chair from the previous day.

Clothes maybe put all together in the washing machine and got later all in one single colour as the result of the speedy time you wanted them washed and dry.

Doing it alone. You are the one and the only person for all your own themes inside and outside the house.

Dishes now made a tall castle in your kitchen sink. Stains of drinks or foods on the floor are so bad. You slip some times on them.

Glass windows lost their shinny surface. A greasy film covers them.

Are you ready to meet yourself? Are you focus to introduce yourself a new guy?

It's your turn now to make it a picture: The solutions in numbers.

  1. It's early morning and your alarm clock sounds pretty on your favourite song.

  2. You kept the windows a bit opened, so you let the fresh air entering to the room.

  3. Run for a fast shower now. Better to take a bath in the evening to relax.

  4. A cute jump sends you to hit a safe cup of coffee ( to take it with you ) in your kitchen, eating or prepearing for later at work a quick fresh snack, like a toast, fruits with yogurt or salads. ( In next posts I will learn you how to prepare easy, cheap & absolutely delicious Greek snacks for each day of your week. )

  5. Dress you up in time. Do combinations in outfits by the previous evening or once in week for each day.

  6. Next you take your work tools, bags, or any other thing and you may prevent to check news on internet by your cellphone if you use the subway, train, bus or taxi, or by the radio if you use the car.

  7. Smile and feel thankful. Your eyes welcome the sun again and a new team of 24 hours is won for your life. Give a nice word to the 1st human being you reach on your way. Even the next door pet needs your positive vibes and the good action cames back to you as a gift.

As you already feel, here are 7 tips you need weekly;

pure fun & plan, time & care, focus & responsibility and trial

to tide everything and feeling as a happy clean human being living in an adorable house.

Not getting in need of drastic solutions with special or expensive tools & cleaning liquids. No need of companies or people for things you do efficiently by yourself.

You can also call your friends for help and you are now very careful for any damage in the future. Love your house.

You should know it.

The time you woke up was just 20 minutes earlier than usual. 20 minutes only.

You washed your hair and you put perfume behind your ears.

Come on! You gave value to your stomach.

Appreciating every vegetable or more materials existed in the fridge.

You woke up as calm as you need.

You put a wide smile on your lips.

You mentioned the mood of other people or pets.

Νot sad at all to refresh your habits.

Be original, show off your creativity, and win free time and lovely life moments

You realized the value of those moments counting actions and results, ah?

And you liked it, then. And you like it now. No pain, no money needed.

No Droopy faces anymore in the mirror. You can enjoy the pretty cartoon then on the screen.

And you will suggest the way of living in control to the 1st person you meet soon.

You are going out tonight, guy! With your friends.

You deserve it as your simple actions won the money for you, while your focus on new life goals goes great.

Not sad at all to refresh your habits, then. Not bad at all to control your day. Isn't it easy, smart & effective? Just try it on & feel happy.

What is your lovely daily routine?

Do you love or hate keeping everything under control?

Do you follow any creative way being on time eveywhere?

Whose help you get when you feel the messy storm coming close to you?


Please feel free to answer me here and share the article to your social pages,

if you think it would be a good advice to your lovelies.

Keep in touch reading my free blog posts and thanks for joining my site here!

Blessings to you!


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