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8 + 8 Secrets Floors Can Tell You(Part 1)

Smart thoughts to be careful of when you search about floor materials and their best use.

Welcome me to your new room, house, office or to your place which needs #renovation.

You can make a space looking like new, using movable decorative items, like frames on walls, colors on everything, new doors, lights, furniture. But he heavy work, is to renew its floor.

“Do you have a design or an exact money budget in mind for your new floor? Whether you prefer a trendy look or you’re going for a more original, artistic but smart in value style - there’s a stunning idea for everyone.”

You should mention who lives or works in this #place, room, office or other and his needs.

Do you live alone? A child needs, perhaps, the smooth surface of the laminate to play onto but your grandpa wants an easy material to walk on or to clean it up.

Maybe you like a compact material with no connected pieces but your sister loves the pure wood or terracotta tiles. Do you live with your parents? They would like to put an amazing stylish type of marble on the #floor.

What's the best material to put on the floor? 8 secrets to find the ideal one

This is a hard question. Some #materials look ideal for bedrooms but they are a wrong idea for kitchens. Another material looks great on the floor of a living room but it's the worst idea for your balcony.

You have to be careful when choosing materials for #floors, just checking on this simple list:

  1. Not slippy materials

  2. No changes on its color by the natural light

  3. Easy put by craftsmen

  4. Easy to get clean

  5. Good - logical price

  6. Quality - quantity

  7. After sale service-damage

  8. Long time use.

8 ideas for a floor on a list

And the time to do the order about the materials approaches to your notebook.

Here are some materials you can try:

  1. Wooden blocks, for bedroom, salon

  2. Laminate, for bedroom

  3. Marble, Mosaic, Concrete, Ceramic/ Porcelain/ Terracotta tile, interior and exterior use

  4. Stone, interior and exterior use

  5. Vinyl tiles, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen

  6. Bamboo, interior use

  7. Linoleum, interior use

  8. Carpet, Cork, bedroom

Here you met the surfaces and some ideas about your floors.

Now you know, what to give mention at the 1st time you decide about the material, to choose the best one for your spaces.

In the next article ( part 2 ) you will meet:

  • The reason to put each material on a floor.

  • Your concerne on a floor surface keeping it in its great condition &

  • Ways to follow on fitting, saving money.


P.S. You love decoration, so I created for your talents:

made by me with love for decoration themes & ideas.

It will help you to create a lovely home by your own.

With details, sections, lists, tips and solutions for you.


What is your favorite material about floors?


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