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8 Ideas kill Your Agony About Gifts for Christmas & New Year's Eve.

Please, don't feel stressed. Gifts need emotion & fantasy. Not money.

It's #holidays and we all care about our lovely people. Among cakes, cooking masterpieces, homemade in a warm kitchen we search about catchy personal #gifts for each one.

“Do you feel agony for the main gift, if it's a cheap or an expensive one? If its wrapping style rocks, if it's useful enough? Thinking of offering a simple one? Or a luxurious something to impress any person?”

You feel stressed as you like to pleasure #people. Do not let this #feeling though to cover the real spirit of this time season. #Christmas means pure #love & #hugs. Worthy time with our lovelies.

The value of a gift is a hard point.

You walk among shelves in #stores and you feel lost in glitter mountains, a labyrinth of ribbons and a snowball of onraments. If you think to offer gifts related to Christmas, be ready to hear strange opinions from people. These gifts better suit to #children. You should know very well the person, to catch a really impressive or precious object. There is a danger to buy something based on your personal #style and not on others's. Even you spend a lot of money, your gift will not be noticed enough. Be careful of this point.

Another idea for gift is to spend time to prepare #cakes or special food for your people. It's an easily appreciated idea from people but you have to know well their preferences in materials they use in their own #kitchen. Have you ever invited these people to eat together? If it's the 1st time you cook for them, be ready to accept that no everybody loves the snail sause on potatoes or a pie filled with eel parts.

Personal gifts like perfumes and underware items are ideal for couples. Your sister could find the best pajama, too. Because she lives with you at the same house and you share a common life time with her.

Children always appreciate #candies, #toys, #books, casual clothes. If it's time for them to accept a #pet, they have to think that an animal is not a toy. Make them feeling that they want it in their life as a member of the #family and not for a game time. An animal needs love and responsibility.

It's not about the price of the gift.

What means fantasy in gifts without mentioning the money?

The smart talent of gifting needs preperation and matching things to persons.

  1. During the whole year you can save in a box materials which seem useless but they are really ideal to create the best gift ever for people. Handmade #creations include real love by the gifter to the receiver.

  2. What about those piece of a wide, velvet red ribbon put on a small deep green box? You can put even a love letter inside it, stealing the #heart of the receiver.

  3. So easy to make sense to your best friend's #soul, if you wrap the bottle of wine he always searches for, with white/ black newspapers adding a leather rope arround it. He is maybe a journalist so suit the style to his job.

  4. Make your son's teacher feeling proud of his student, offering to him a simple notebook with hand - written quotes and #blessings inside. Let the kid adding paintings about Christmas and thankful notes for the teacher's focus on knowledge and real love to all the kids in the classroom.

  5. It's a sweet time to make a cake rich of chocolate and decorative pasta for your adorable mommy. She may tells you often, that you don't create miracles in your kitchen, so make her this delicious surprise to make her smiling.

  6. Time to sew a special backpack for your brother or to make a great embroidery detail on a skirt for your sister.

  7. Add caramels, cup cakes, cookies in a simple transparent bag or into a bag made by fabric. Close using a lovely pair of socks making a puffy bow. The receiver will enjoy the gift. Be sure about this feeling.

  8. Gift pure #emotion with a simple paper card. Write onto #keywords about the relationship you have got with the receiver. Be sure that you may see tears on both faces running by heart. It's good to be real and pure.

Gifting gives your soul a voice, so let your #personality shine through. Choose a great but simple idea. Do not ruin your #mood letting money taking the role.

Are you ready to get kissed?

Simply be good and share love.


What about your gifts to your lovelies in this year?

Feel comfortable to answer here and share this blog post to your social pages.


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