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A Cute Bathroom Brings You In Childhood.

Let's create in nature.

Amazing bathroom in nature (picture from Google)
Amazing bathroom in nature (picture from Google)

🎯 Let me reveal you a secret about the #bathroom / #bath / #shower in your holiday home.

Well, so...

  • ✨Symmetry.

  • ✨Smooth perfect surfaces.

  • ✨Strange ceilings.

  • ✨Luxurious ornaments.

It's the team of 4 elements which you DON'T need.

These are your details to mention:

⚜️ Practical view.

⚜️ #Simplicity.

💕Bath & treatment area!

See how a corner - protected from prying eyes - with a fixed basic water supply (shower/sink) makes you feeling like a child again.

In your village, in its simplicity & cleanliness of a delightful habit of ours, who love our body so much!

❤️ See 3 elegant details.

  1. 1. The special #mirror: it comes to add the beauty you want.

  2. 2. The #plain_white color: for the wonderful feeling of traveling mentally in the Greek #Cycladic_Islands.

  3. 3. The #wooden_door, like a sculpture! Practical & nice.

⚜️But this bathroom fits beautifully & in a mountain house, too.

🎀 Would you try it?

🎀What does your ideal bathroom/bathroom/shower look like in your holiday home?

P.S. 1 tip, so for perfectionism!

😀❤️ Leave the pure white color ALSO on the towels.

Don't hang colorful ones. Don't spoil the scenery...

🌺 🌺 🌺 🌺 🌺

'' Some bathrooms are pure & precious memories. They bring us to past moments.


🌺 🌺 🌺



Shall you try the idea ?

How does your ideal bathroom in holidays looks like?

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Something NEW gets prepared for you FOR FREE.



Marya Milagros
Marya Milagros




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