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A Kitchen But Which Kitchen?

Create a kitchen that causes you to cook & bake in it.

Minimal and shinny smooth surfaces on kitchen rooms?
Minimal and shinny smooth surfaces on kitchen rooms?

Well it's not a secret. #Kitchen_rooms should inspire people. It's not the clean and tided place that makes them experts or available to create miracles in it. Cooking and baking is a relaxing action for some people who love to focus on these arts.

So the room which keeps them happy in there allows their ability plus the mood to explore the whole imagination. Making wonderful meals and desserts for lovely persons.

“Do you have a design in mind for your own #kitchen? Whether you prefer a shinny black minimal look or you’re going for a more traditional, rustic style - there’s a stunning idea for everyone. If you love #cooking and #baking, of course and you don't get food from out always.”

Create A Kitchen To Help You Daily.

You’ll be thinking of people who target you with their own ideas but remember that in your kitchen room YOU are the boss.

Don't let others sharing their craziness in useless info about your personal issues. That's not help. This shows of a bad guiding gossip and egoism.

You're the only person who knows the budget offered for this room, the secret detail that helps you to create easily tastes, the special knob you like, surfaces smooth or rough, the colors and so many other tips you may be dreaming before getting to a specialist to ask for.

Cozy smart original style in the kitchen room?
Cozy smart original style in the kitchen room?

The Tool List.

Preparing a kitchen room, its style is the 1st to mention about the artistic part of your thought. This doesn't mean it's the main theme, though.

  • You think who is gonna cook.

  • Who'll do the dish wash and if you 'd like a machine for this work.

  • If you love to call people for meals often and what about the free space to cook together.

  • The money is the basic point.

  • The available technical thesis of central water or electricity buttons rule on the most houses.

  • Who'll #repair each damage on things? Have you ever be interested in this job?

  • What about the natural light?

  • And colors? Do you need more or you feel comfortable in neutrals? Pale ones? Or black?

  • Wood? Plastic? Paper? Bamboo? A mad combination of many #surfaces and #materials maybe is your favorite style.

Retro rustic vintage details in the kitchen? How can I call this style?
Retro rustic vintage details in the kitchen? How can I call this style?

Try to do lists. Simply #notes about your preferences.

The #interior_designer or seller 'll help you.

These days you find endless lists of ideas.

To select among those stunning ''something'' in things, which adds to your kitchen room:

  1. nice value,

  2. worthy fun,

  3. adorable beauty and

  4. the perfect mood.

To you 1stly.

To tell you:

'' - Hey, gorgeous, what'll you create in my oven tonight?

Where are the onions?

Take the juice jar from the fridge and let the veggies dancing till your lovelies arrive in... Hurry up, darling!''

Can I help you? Would you invite me some time?


Τell me:

Your lovely style in your kitchen room.

I 'd love to hear from you.

Drop me a line here or even in e-mail.

It's great to exchange views on topics.


P.S. I am here for you, if you have Questions on how to find Solutions in daily strange issues home style causes to us.

Living in houses means to move things in it or getting damaged things repaired.

I 'll be happy to help you.

Just Ask me.

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Creatively yours,



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