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Make Your Wallet Feeling Happy.

By a Smart Styling Agenda For Women & Men.

My new styling - shopping agenda comes for smart outfits with 10 pieces only. For men & women.
My new styling - shopping agenda comes for smart outfits with 10 pieces only for a whole year. For men & women.

Your hard life!

You run after trends to feel elegant.

To be honest, even you check all prices and expenses, you spend a lot for fashion issues.

And you feel strange when you create any ideal outfit.

  • It's not to just save money.

  • This creative game with fashion tips makes us happy.

  • We enjoy it. It gifts us smiley faces.

  • It's about all those fashion items which stay unworn, too.

  • Or the solution on how to make them useful/ precious.

You need me.

Cz I know how you can use each item of your wardrobe.

And I love to learn you how to do it easily, changing your view on these issues.

Cz I always receive questions from people with troubles about their image making.

Catchy interesting, amazingly easy, absolutely elegant.

This agenda is made for you.

Learn Style - Save Money.
This is an adorable caution to me.
To make you use your own money in smart ways.
Looking ... s t u n n i n g!

My creative STYLING agenda for Women & Men

My new styling - shopping agenda for smart outfits with 10 pieces only. For men & women. Coming
My new styling - shopping agenda for smart outfits with 10 pieces only. During a whole year. For men & women.

Want to learn an easy way to get dressed easily with 10 basic lovely items?

Looking lovely good every day?

Everywhere and every time?

This agenda is ideal for you and your partner, your mommy, your best friend, your boss, your best cousin or your son/ daughter/ grandma and more people.

Stay tuned.

The agenda 'll be available for you in 2 languages: English & Greek.

You can buy this helpful solution straight by this site, in next days.



But I give you a super chance - just for a few days -

to take an extra e-book for free, too. About Decoration .

To add beauty in your living room in 1 weekend only, with ZERO expenses.

Subscribe and take it for FREE.

Yes, I just prepared this free gift for all of you. ( page ABOUT ).

You receive it in your e-mail.

Available just for a few days.

(This website's gift stops to be available on APRIL 10, 2023)


Marya Iskou for smartonstyle
Marya Iskou for smartonstyle

( Find my Bio Note here )
My STYLING AGENDA will change your opinion about your wallet and money worth for ever.
It's an ideal tool to make you thing smart about your income, your lifestyle and your view on fashion issues.


2 versions - double gift.

Why you'll love it:

  • Available In English & Greek language

  • Sections with Organized Knowledge

  • Lists & Pictures

  • Examples - Ideas

  • Combinations

  • Sewing Skills

  • Celebs Outfits

  • Tips/ Shopping

  • Worthy Advices

special price on AGENDA - HOME STUDY COURSE

So, take your chance to grab it in a special price (Plan A).

The price of this program 'll be offered in discount mode till a limited time period.

Subscribe and save your special price sending the word '' Agenda'' in the e-mail:



Do you face troubles about your budget related to your fashion needs ?

I'd love to hear from you.

Drop me a line here or even in e-mail.

It's great to exchange views on topics.


P.S. I am here for you, for your Questions on how to find solutions in daily strange issues styling causes to us.

Living in style means to add beauty on us, saving money at the same time.

You 'll find more and more in the study course S - styling together.

I 'll be happy to help you.

Just save your special price e-mailing me.


( Find the story of my company logo in this article)

🌺Creatively yours, Marya.

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