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Bathroom: A Tired Room While You Stay At Home. 16+2 Secrets The Intreriors Can Tell You

How to love a new clean, cute bathroom while you stay the most of the time at home in the pandemia. Secrets you can follow to save time, style & money.

You always talk about your bedroom and living room and how much you love to rest in them. You spend #money on trendy blankets and unique objects to add style and beauty. So you feel comfortable and proud of keeping your #house beautiful, clean and elegant.

After a thoughtful answer on a related question, though, you realize that #bathroom is your loveliest room ever. Even it's made by #natural materials for an #exotic style, even it looks like extremely #cool or #minimal you love it. It is the place you use alone in a private way and it safely keeps your secrets. You may feel it as the room you use to rest in, trying natural products on your face or body, like handcrafted soaps & parfumed lotions, smooth cotton towels or amazing body creams. You may brush your teeth admiring the breathtaking view from its window.

Brave room to use to

Perhaps you use the bathroom just to empty your body from the useless stuff or sweat.

You know what I mean. Not so chic to mention it, but it's the truth.

Bathrooms keep a practical role in your life, also. Not crazy to accept that.

  • Do you have an odd habit visiting your bathroom?

  • Do you like to spend time in it?

  • Does it know your favorite song while you wash your hair?

  • Does it suffer of your bad hit of your shaving tools on the edge of the sink?

“ If the bathroom had got a mouth, mad & strange or funny truths about people's habits could be told .”

In Covid19 days we all face now, is important to keep this room more clean than ever.

Tideness helps it to look great and practicality is improved, when we know the thesis of each object. Don't spend time searching a nail color or your shaving foam.

As we all stay in more than ever, it's a useful nice time to learn our little or elder people to do more on this topic.

Decorate & organize your place

  1. No bad to a toodler learning how to put dirty clothes in a basket.

  2. Not hard for teens to hung their used towels or putting washed clothes out to dry. It's kind action to help with works at home.

  3. Your room - mate could do a quick cleaning while you create a handcrafted soap.

  4. It's your turn to change the decoration of your cousin's bathroom, just because you love him or because he works from home now and you want to make him a surprize.

  5. You may think to help the elder neighbour of the next door to add beauty in this room by gifting her a lovely bathroom curtain. She will give you back smiley faces, surely.

  6. What about checking all those almost empty bottles which exist in your bathroom shelves since 2018?

  7. Isn't time to add stylish stickers on the tils to upgrade the space?

  8. What about the carpet? Do you use one or you just wear your bathing slippers?

  9. Try a new shampoo, thinking to keep its pretty bottle adding another liquid after its emptying.

  10. Add ribbons to your towels. Make them looking brand new.

  11. Let children putting plants and take care of them weekly. Welcome an exotic look in your bathroom.

  12. Would you renovate the mirror? Add flowers on a piece of wire and put it on its corner.

  13. Could you imagine crystals on your cabinets? So many styles - so many prices to chose new knobs.

  14. Dare to try a natural parfume adding essential oil drops into a jar full of baking soda. Keep it open and tie a bow around it.

  15. Or spray directly onto a small piece of cloth a parfum you don't like anymore. You could put an aromatic candle, also. Please tell kids to not use them or you put it on a high top shelf to protect them. Little people are curious and you have to be careful of this danger.

  16. Colorful or neutral boxes, bamboo baskets or vintage plates could keep your cosmetics in them. Or use a special serving tray. Or glass jars. Pure beauty.

Never forget the 2 most serious points about bathrooms.

  1. Cleanness & Organization as everything in here has to do with your personal hygiene &

  2. Enjoying your own time at home.

Last but best you can do

  • Rest in bath closing the eyes listening to calm music,

  • relax throwing bath balls in bathtube warm water,

  • treat your skin more than ever with amazing masks,

  • facing a hangover, even being trying drinks at home at last night,

  • try a peeling cream on all over your body and face,

  • help your pet to be clean using natural cleaning stuff,

  • talk to buddies at cellphone, exchanging beauty tips,

  • try a role or speech in front of the mirror before an event ... and more things you keep in mind.

''The most valuable thing you have to mention while doing the styling of your bathroom, is the same one you care of, when building a whole house. 1 single question needs an answer: Who lives in this place? Meaning how many persons? Age, health issues, habits also get noticed.''

Staying healthy

Keeping a #routine is a safe daily plan.

Try the #Covid19 instructions about #health, wash your #masks even just on hand, in warm water, please dry well and hot iron them before putting on your face.

Change your #clothes often, keep clean everything. The floor, the walls, each knob, each cabinet. Support kids or elders to wash their hands.

Then the chaos of objects in the bathroom should be set in the responsibility of everyone. All live in this house, so all have the due to keep it elegant and lovely.

It's enough to feel that not every human on this planet has an easy access to keep a bathroom in his house.

Feel yourself lucky and free to pray for those who don't have this chance.

Appreciate and say thanx to your good karma.

In next articles I will analyze you everything about bathroom styles. To see you making changes by yourself and let you learn smart tips to decorate it. I hope you give to this room the mention it deserves to. We have a date next time about details in every space you want to refresh with creativity and saving money the most you can.


What your daily routine includes in your bathroom?

Do you love or hate keeping a 2nd bathroom in your house?

Do you use hard cleaning ways to keep it safe?

Who lives with you? Does he help you to the cleaning issue or to decoration themes?


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