Can You Trust Your MakeUp To Reveal The Best Of Your Face? Why, When & How?

Even being a man or a woman, discover the worthy habit of following beauty tips, to add confidence plus health to your skin

Today we will talk about secrets of makeup. The sardonic although genuine smile of the stylist (with the unruly tooth) you will accept, because truths will spoil the ideal atmosphere of some make-up artists, but they make us lovable. No one eats the lie and every filter saved zero in real life.

The important thing is to have mastered your insecurities. To love yourself at any age, image and situation.''

You will respect the professionals in the field. Even in the ambition or eccentricity they may have, they know what suits you or not. Covering scars or discolorations is a process that requires opinion and knowledge as well as effort and talent together.

If the makeup artist is also a #beautician, then you will listen to his advice.

Take care is the firstly - add beauty is the secondly goal to your skin

The experienced #professional person takes care of cleansing and removing dead skin cells with cleansing gels, #soaps or #creams / emulsions and then with exfoliating products (peeling / gommage) in a cream or a soap. This way will keep a clean, smooth, glowing skin, so that it spreads beautifully everything in the makeup you put on it, without oiliness and stains or dehydrated or irritated spots.

And where there is a problem, the right professional will refer you to a #dermatologist. It will also teach you to highlight your features with colors and textures that are ideal for you.

''The other important thing is to respect any problems of your skin. To love it healthy after shaving times, after heavy atmosphair, after a night in a club or after the running sweat during your worktime.''