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Color Quiz: Find Your Secret Styling Point.

Choose The Image That Makes Your Mood.

Black or white, dark or bright, floral or line, polka dots or images?

There is a font that you like the most, am I right?

A strong feeling slips into your heart when your eyes catches it.

In a past time ( or life ) you might be hating this color.

Why this change happened? Sit in an arm chair.

Relax and find out fonts, colors and stylish craps. Your only action 's to look carefully on these images for some minutes. Then think deeply 1 of them. Make it the background of a lovely event.

Which of the 12 here represents your character?

Color Fever

Don't be afraid .

Choosing more than 1 or 2 means not a confused personality but an amazing multicolor character, too. Take your notes and reveal your taste in colors.

  1. romantic but fine, simple but straight in your words, lonely listening to music, memories wake up your feelings, calmness

  2. modern dynamic with a stylish sense on elegant colors. Casual thoughts, dare shape combination, no symmetry hides an artist inside you

  3. energy and ambition. A great sense of art within practicality. Emotion but planned actions without suspicious dialogues

  4. polka dots play to a cute color. Summer in mind, freshness in words, schedule in life may this surface says about you

  5. passion, love and dedication in emotional situations. Actions on reality. Ability and methodical ways to treat both events and people with honesty

  6. favorite times for you may be old memories, vintage images and stories. Your eye catches easily details and you 'd like to live in past decades

  7. bridal images cause you tears and happiness. Full in love with family scenes, meals, satin lingerie, candies and children. A shinny cloud made by sugar guides your life and your words to other people

  8. eccentric style adds you coolness. Romantic design onto cold colors. Interesting image shows you like surprises to people, smashing the daily routine.

  9. real images instead of plain colors make you being sincere. You love the truth in every issue, you approach people for / to help. Eco lover and earth's protector. Modern and easy

  10. cool black and grey surface show dynamism, dare opinion and clear words. There is an extreme sensitive side in you which calls your hidden emotion. Quiet actions may vary your attitude among the crowd. Balance should be your life moto

  11. each color keeps its value. You like all at the same time adding them in every outfit or object in your place. Multi decisions makes you easy going and lovely. Try being fair and playful always. People ask you many about your life as you don't allow them to analyze your character

  12. colors play with shapes making the world happy. Not bad to feed the energy but be careful to stay real. Life isn't a circus ride so you may fill your life by serious people and clarity in each daily issue.


Video: ( Some of you get tired after watching many colors. I feel you. Let me dare to confess that I am a lover of monochromatic or opposite colors joined each others, outfits.

So, good calm music helps you to relax a bit.

I 've told you, anyways, my friend: after fashion & interior design, my 3d passion is music! )

Hope the quiz helped you to mention the value of many colors.

  • What you 'd like to provide wearing an exact color?

  • Why to add another onto your accessories in each outfit?

Next time you feel playful in styling, you can try something crazy about the colors.

Just for fun or for change.

Fashion is always a cute game to express our feeling.

Are you ready to play with colors, beautiful people?


Do you love colors or fonts? I 'd love to hear from you.

Drop me a line here or even in e-mail.

It's great to exchange views on topics.

P.S. 1. I am here for you, if you have Questions on how to find solutions in daily strange issues styling causes to us.

Living in style means to add beauty on us, saving money at the same time. You find more and more in these study courses F or S .

I 'll be happy to help you.

Just Ask me.

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