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Confessions On The Keyboard. Feel My Hard Story. Reminding Yours, Maybe?

My pain & killed feeling from bad people. They surely live among us.

 Maryamilagros LTD - Seminars & Exclusive handmade creations met agony to get well done.
Maryamilagros LTD - Seminars & Exclusive handmade creations met agony to get well done.

Time to meet each others. I need to tell you something serious: I can't say a single lie. Whether I love or I hate a thing, an opinion, a person, an event, it's seen on my face.

Even I try to hide my feelings, my eyes keep a damn affective deal to lips. making me look like a transparent glass.

Empty of hypocrisy - drowned in honesty.

Thanx for your empathy - I know, many of you see me as a nice person after this confession words - but I often feel like a weak victim. Finally it's hurtful to be so pure like pets or kids are. Why I say this? What's the point? So read on, to feel me...

Marya can't stay silent. Truths should get told. Fair words. Bad people live close to us & we feel their arrows after their attack.
I'm Marya & I can't stay silent. Truths should get told. Fair words.

Let me bring you back in 2014. Shinny days full in creativity. Dreams on business.

Hope this year was great for you. Can't say the same for mine.

Oh, Gosh, this was a year of hard decisions, killing tiredness, unfair attitudes from bad people, money loss and hard life awakening. Maybe you felt like me at some time.

I deeply feel you.

I was to hire a studio place for my work as designer - stylist. It was a well planned project about its time - materials - client list - expenses & advertisement. All ruled by myself as I couldn't effort to hire experts. No need anyways. My love for studying is one of my adorable daily habits so I spent endless hours to take notes, learn and write, apply and try what my work needed to go on.

And here comes the crazy part... I had checked everything with a healthy program for at least 2 years forward, with plan- b. Even plan - c.

All chances noticed: from the big success to the absolute failure. You ask if thinks got well in business? Hmm! More about that later.

Now I 'm gonna share a secret with you.

Look at this sketch below - feel my mood. Attending to future, knowing that some people - exact or unknown - may cause me damage in my plans.

Without reasons. Honestly.

Officially bad people exist among us. So simply.

BUT please take a look in this pencil mess. It's like I used to bring my arrows to protect myself from jealous and negative persons. Sitting safe among nature and breathing calmness air - portions.

But you won't believe what close people came to my studio and revealed me.

'' Persons I knew well played a dirty game about my work, persuading me to hire the exact studio which belonged to a difficult owner. They got profit about the deal. Gossip from them took part during all day trying to distance my basic clients from my workplace and making them deleting projects I've already started. Making me like building castles on wet sand.

Silly words from bad people even about my small poor sportive Chevrolet -Matiz car.

Should I drive a Tesla car to get appreciation by people? What's that madness, then, my friend? Anyways if I was rich I'd be owner of a plane? I denied then to give feedback to those idiot people. Whom I knew well. Very well. And now of course they have to search a lot to know details about my new life.

1 of my truths.

Between us I hate driving and I just try to help my life using the car. Imagine me as rich, I 'd sign up by now, that I 'd not spend a lot of money for an expensive car. I 'd like to keep again a small easy going car doing economy on its gas fuel and its service. I could treat my money well in other activities, be sure about that. But I was never rich enough. Maybe it's not my target to be, too.

A poison rain over me.

Their spreading lies and diabolic words to ruin my good fame was a nasty experience.

I won success from the 1st week being there at the studio. That caused them madness.

You may be wondering why they did that.

Here is the key. I 'll never understand why they did that. Not being buddy friends, no any bad time, not living at the same place, not keeping common friends.

Why then? Can you find why?

Grab the answer next...

Lost in thoughts about bad people's attitude. Why people get jealous with no reason?
Lost in thoughts about bad people's attitude. Why people get jealous with no reason?

You know how someone can attack on you? When he stays close.

When he tries actions to damage you? If he gets info about your life, people, habits and salary, what you eat, when or on what you spend your money on and who you enjoy with.

1 word is the sick answer on why people can get so bad to you: CONTROL.

If they feel they can't get details of your life they can't control you.

No chance to rinse you into the abyss. These people are jealous often without talents in something. I know you wait to learn what happened at the end.

I never let them learning my life details. So, learn how things went on...

Made it in that way, to make them feeling that they won.

The studio closed. I freed myself from those toxic auras.

I started a free website working on it in my best way.

A smile still reminds me the time I then created this new one.

On May 27th-2020 got officially mine. On air. With its domain name.

And I put my focus on writing my own Study Courses about Fashion and Decoration, after my whole life's lovely experience in these subjects. Preparing samples of my handmade collections, too.

Yes, You 're right. They don't know it. Mention that they don't keep enough skills to even search me on net. Don't even care. I hate revenge attitudes.

Just loving the quiet life and good heart in people. And I increase my prayers on next steps to work in legal fields, setting my Seminars ready to bring solutions to your hands, also creating unique items for those who like to get them ready.

My worthy target though as artist and educator is this one: to gift poor children their own room & a nice wardrobe, creating them by my own. Winning this, huge happiness would make me fly.

Cz we are all human beings and we all love and deserve beauty in our lives.

And it's time to announce that I 'm a CEO - owner in my tiny but completed company, getting the official papers in my hands on these days. From hour to hour. Shyness adds red color on my cheeks, now.

You got it! The bad vibes of those nasty people gave me a smile, finally.

Thanx for YOUR smile and the emotional following mood, too.

I love you all.



Had you ever any enemy without even a damn reason?

I 'd love to hear from you.

Drop me a line here or even in e-mail.

It's great to exchange views on topics.

P.S. 1. I am here for you, if you have Questions on how to find solutions in daily strange issues our home and wardrobe cause to us.

Life needs to move beautiful things cz they make us feel better.

I 'll be happy to help you.

Just Ask me.

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Decoration & Fashion are passions. Keeping a good heart is the best talent.
Decoration & Fashion are passions. Keeping a good heart is the best talent.



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