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Cover Wall Stains.

Be creative using an easy solution, for now.

Knitted panel on the wall to cover stains.
Knitted panel on the wall to cover stains. / Foto by random search on Google.

Welcome to an easy solution about stains on the wall. You won't leave them dirty. You just earn time to fix things when you have to take quick action. When?

  • A sudden visitor.

  • Being busy at those day.

  • Cleaning method did nothing.

“Do you have a method to keep walls clean? Kids are not the issue. We all dirty the place we live in. ”

So, the typical solve is here...

  • Try to clean with soft soap foam and clean cloth.

  • If it gets worse you may call profs to help you.

  • Last chance is to brush your walls with the same or similar even a color of antithesis.

Creative and effective.

Covering a dirty wall or those one with stains doesn't make you a rebel or a bad house keeper. Not even a lazy guy.

You need to hide the #stain. Big or small doesn't matter. The material of the main surface is precious to know how to act.

In these basic examples there are big stains on the #walls.

1. The only to think #covering the main wall in this bedroom is to match #colors among style, bed, textiles and moods. So the #ethnic style of a #knitted piece put on the wall on the headboard of a bed looks lovely. The antithesis between dark blue-green color and white brings freshness in the whole room. Time to rest there... relax, my friend!

Curtain on brass stand to cover wall stains. Foto by random search on Google.

2. Wow! What comes next in here? This might have to hide a big damage on the wall but...

I love this artistic theatrical scene! A thick curtain item is put on an original brass stand.

Just to exist here both. Not like a heavy construction. A sweet vintage chair in bright white color stands up there to give the tone. Excellent! Who can imagine or dare to discover what's behind on the wall?

As you see panic on stains does nothing to solve problems.

Fantasy does its magic.

I am sure that you'll clean the walls but you won't leave these solutions.

And if you like to get more and more solutions on home issues by yourself

come to meet my D-decoration Seminar or Study Course presentations.

Cause adding beauty or fixing issues at home,

advances your own place and your life style.


Answer me please here:

Cleaning is the best solution, but some times we have to act effectively and instantly.

So, do you hide damages and stains on your walls?



Your FREE gift is here 🎁 ❤ 🎁


Creatively yours, Marya.


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