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Do You Love Shopping? Let Me Put Some Natural Beauty In Your Handbags...

Who needs coins? What if #weekends could get bought by us using our #moods, smiles or hugs? Rich pictures for rested eyes...

I use to gift blessings to my lovelies, having a great, colorful weekend.

It costs nothing to me but it adds happiness to people.

''Lovely Weekend.'' ''Have a colorful day and night everywhere.'' Do you have a design in mind for your free time? Whether you prefer a crazy adventure or you’re going for a more stylish event, there’s a stunning plan for everyone.”

Then the #nature runs to prevent my words. Its steps are so quick that i quit of trial. The beach creates jewels using stones like beads. Who told nature is not an artist? You can watch the wave dancing with the sand causing love vibes to your bare feet. You now try to taste a slice of juicy watermellon staying cool, attending to the endless sky blue color and the infinity limit of your thoughts. Everything follows the untold line of #harmony. They asked Lady Nature to keep her existence with no changes. People wet hands in fresh water and the skin breaths within smiley cells. It's called beauty and this is my blessing to you for an equally beautiful weekend.

Do you mention any sad point? I do.

Some people think they need a huge amount of money to feel happy, while resting in a hotel or being on trips. The #truth is more clever that we think about. No, it doesn't have to do with tricks to save coins on food, shopping, clothes, snacks or services on our free time. It's a whole way of thinking, when we decide to rest. You can relax even watching animals or plants acting their own roles in nature. I can do the same even just walking with an empty wallet. Other love to sleep or do hobbies. It's your own mood which has to stay clear and clean, quiet and focus on real things, people, events, needs. No snobbish attitude shape your life more effectively than doing what you really love to.

Let nature be original, show off its style, and let it tell you stories about your own originality.”

Do you know what colors sing to you? Red is a smooth tango. Yellow is an active pop song. Black is a sensual soul or a balland one. Grey could sound like an electronic song and Green is the pure sound of birds flirting with air or coast waves which hug the sand with passion.

Count now the stones under your feet and feel free like the kid you used to be in the past time.

They create a strong path to help you walking till the edge of a mind bridge. You can reach your dreams keeping a clear thought of what life needs to make you happy.

''Quietness in decisions - love on what you do.''

To keep up with all things or people in life, including plans, ambition and nasty moments, smart tips and interesting events, head over to your #heart. You may even find yourself inspired to start crafting your own inner soul color, adding unique lines, and stunning images for your #future.

Start creating your own better days now. Stones on the coast teach you in a weekend how to appreciate seconds, when to hug minutes, why to hope for good years to come.

Good luck while putting your thankful words to your brain storage!


What do you love the most to do in your resting time?

Please feel free to answer me here and share the article to your social pages if you think it would be a good advice to your lovelies.

Keep in touch reading my free blog posts and thanks for joining my site here! Blessings to you!


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