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Do You Often Hug The Handmade Art Your Mommy Made For You?

Why These Items Smell ''Mom'' For Ever?

Why These Items Smell ''Mom'' For Ever? Is it love ? Is it art? They are both.
My mommy made this sweet cushion for me with love.

Why these items rule on our feelings?

The deep feeling for the person who created this unique handmade item is sweet.

Do you want the truth?

This in photo was a top blouse with straps in the past. Time to get it transformed.

And I feel guilty. I do really feel like that. Want to learn why?

Let me tell you.

Due to its small size, it acquires a new cute and practical life by becoming a cushion case!

I love it as much as the cloth that existed.

But it gives now a favorite vintage touch onto the sofa! Believe me, I feel it's better to let it live at the house like me, sitting on the couch, than keeping it in a drawer with lavender pieces to save it in I right? Tell me I 'm not wrong. Do you feel my mom won't smile? Really? Shall you get my explanation?

Look! You know how the logic works in our mind.

Before we ignore something, we see if we can enjoy it in a more creative way! If I don't wear it anymore, I need to see it often. That's why it's now the cutest cushion for me.

Upcycling is a way to revive things. Pure beauty made from everything. It's not a boring repair. It's not a poor chance to keep something. It needs artistic view, to provide its best parts and love for creations.”

Hurt hands create art by heart. Handmade treasures touch our souls and fills us emotion.
Hurt hands create art by heart!
What a warm feeling is this, my friend!

Since I was a child some mommies and grandmas used to create masterpieces with their hands. Endless time knitting or adding embroidery parts on clothes.

I still remember my mom doing her own combinations to designs on linen fabrics in unusual shapes. She got all the respect of clients who asked about her amazing work. Paying her with a smile for the great art they got by her hands.

I know how to create similar art, too, but I prefer to add details on items. Time doesn't allow me to huge items anymore. I create full collections, keeping the unique point on them.

And I love memories about this art. And of course I keep my cushion in my hug. I swear to!

Mommy, the artist

  • That agony in her eyes to prove her #perfectionism.

  • Her ability to #create things.

  • Her talent to #balance her roles in our family: being a mommy and cook, worker and cleaner, friend, wife, relative, to all of us who, asked her to do so many.

  • And finally her focus was always on art to make us happy within her creations. To add all her talent on the top blouse above and make me feel beautiful. Want the best part?

I 'm sure you guess what I 'll tell you.

My friends asked her to make a similar top for them. Their moms asked about a price. They asked about colors or the variety on threads but here is the clue...

People, come closer. I'll leave you speechless.

Even I belong to a poor family, my mommy never accepted those orders.

Her unbelievable way of thinking didn't let her duplicate any of her creations made just for me.

They were exclusively mine, as she told. She could lose money from future orders but she was rich by the feeling of gifting me to #artistic_treasures, made by her delicate but #hurt_hands. Just for me.

How do you think I 'm feeling right now, then?

Do you need answers? No. I'm sure.

And I can feel why. Cz you feel the same like me: Emotional, satisfied, excited.

Appreciation and dedication. Art & value. Our people's try. Worth. Hug.

Any shy teardrop running on the face?

Mine ask you to forgive me, as it's time to call my mommy at this candy moment.

You understand me, my friend, don't you?


Do you keep handmade art by your mom or grandma?

I 'd love to hear from you.

Drop me a line here or in e-mail.

It's great to exchange views on topics.


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Marya Milagros
See you very soon. Love, Maryamilagros.


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