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Each Maria Celebrates Her Name Today.

It's my official name, also! You can wish me the best, later!

Wow! My sweet memories!

I feel so blessed as I was living in Lesvos & Chios islands in #Greece for some years.

Feeling honest I confess that there was my best #name_celebration at those both exact times.

Incredible #philoxenia and delicious offers right served by the church yard!

By tables covered by embroidery art and precious plates and jars.

Huge quantity of fresh fruits & juices, local pasta, meat cooked in sauce, beans or veggies, madly great homemade cool salads, syrups, loukoumi, traditional jar sweets made by simple sugar added to real fruits, baked bread with marmalades, yogurt and more...

Oh, Lord! Those was a goddess 's food, for real!

August 15
August 15

Smiley lovely #local people explained me that #Holy_Mary by herself serves us all those goods. To invites us slipping into an amazing #familiar and pure good mood among the crowd.

All together talking to each others exchanging wishes even being strangers.

These were common moments while living in Santorini, Corfu, Creta, Rhodes, too.

Unique #emotional times of my #life...

Santorini island - Greece / Church
Santorini island - Greece / Church

#Blessings by heart are always good to people.

It's my names 's celebration today!

15th of August Jesus 's mother celebrates and each #Christian_Orthodox,

who keeps one or more of her names, feels emotional.

#Maria is used as a part of masculine given names in Hispanic and Roman Catholic #tradition, too. More things are lovely on this day so keep on reading...

Even my name as Maria is a common but extremely #popular_name globally,

statistics nail it when they run to register how many people keep this exact name.

So many similar names are also given usually to girls. I like them all.

  • Maria,

  • Mary,

  • Myrsini,

  • Myrsina,

  • Marie,

  • Mara,

  • Mariah,

  • Maryam,

  • Marilyn,

  • Mariam,

  • Miriam,

  • Mariami,

  • Marija,

  • Mariya,

  • Mariamma,

  • Marianne,

  • Mariene,

  • Meryam,

  • Meriam

'' In Greece Maria, Mary, Maro, Mara, Maraki, Maritsa, Marika, Marianna, Anna - Maria, Despoina, Panayiota, Panayiotis, Marios, Marianno, Maria - Anna, celebrate also on this day! ''.

Imagine all those #traditional_habits around Greece & #Cyprus which bring people close.

Food and drinks, snacks, deserts, pies, fruit sweets, candies, ice creams, breads, creams and more thumbs up an incredibly happy mood.

Join both places (countries), my friends, to treat you well, then!

Do you know how many of my country's #villages and #islands get filled by #relatives and #friends who maybe attend to meet each others since the past year.

Dancing - singing #events, festivals, fiestas take part in various places, too.

It's amazing when #religions into their differences don't make any strange noise.

Each one gives #honor to this name of Maria (and all similar) and I do really love the fact

of seeing my name being appreciated by everyone in any dogma.

Find what's even best in the next paragraph...

Every year I mention people, who live abroad, checking this day as a point - time to arrive to their own land. For #vacations or serious events of their life.

They like to feel the warm hug of their close people.

It's usual to see many couples getting married in church by an Orthodox #Wedding on this day.

Or organizing a beautiful #baptism for their children.

Giving them any official name feeling the #awe under Jesus Mother 's blessings!

It's an #off_day, in my place today.

And we #relax in any way.

With our family or friends.

Rich or poor we save the blessing and we hope for a better future.

Let me wish you by heart for this summer, to be your best one, my friends!

Happy day to all Marias of the world!



Is it usual to celebrate your name-day in your place?

I love to hear news from you.

Tell me here or by e-mail.

It's great to exchange opinions on topics.




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