Fashion Snack: What's Your Best Catwalk?

Best memories, I say. O.k. And your old soft spring hoodie? Pale, perhaps.

Come on, tell me what you think when hear about memories. Stories about old, good, classical, pink nostalgic events, which sound perfect. Just cz they belong to a past time season, we never lived in but we 'd like to . Pure curiosity.

People in a mature age now narrate to the crowd, to birds, to fish, to snails about days they got addicted & drunk to the rich syrup of idealism, full of iconic styling and pretty good attitude. So you think all 'll run in this mood on this article.


Each thing coming from the past means memory. Beautiful objects cause sweet feelings and events full of emotion.
The love existing in vintage objects is similar to a hug from memories.

There is something that protects your crisis on everything = Reliable way of thinking.

The same happens to themes about fashion. And me?

As a stylist, fashion and interior designer I'm walking on a hard path: I should keep an honest view, as well as staying critical, too.

No, my friend, all things were never ideal for all the people at the time they lived in those circumstances. The sense of giving the ''like'', jumps to this day, just because we can't face those past reality and the daily risk older people faced to. Slapped on the face by various issues.

Fashion images from then, look absolutely gorgeous today.

What a bright color on the necklace! Luxurious art hugs the neck.

So classy series of pearls on this wide bracelet! A pure treasure made for the hand.

They really look great.

But you have to invite a new deep thought in your theory's salon at this moment: After some years your own memories 'll cause you similar feelings. About your moments. That's why you'll love them. Cz they'll be yours.

  • Even you 'll smell your ordinary damaged denim. ( Those cheap one. Do you remember? Catched on the sales's basket at the Mall's store in your neighborhood.)

  • Even you discover that its main waist button misses from the day you wrote a test in Maths in Gymnasium.

  • Even the stain of the hot chocolate still smiles you back, lying on the front edges. During some Friday at the corner cafe'...with Peter. Won't tell to anyone! :) ;)

It's lovely to remind events full in sweet memories. Details about time, fashion and decoration add color and soul to the mind and heart.
Vintage memories of lovely people means life treasures

Look! I do love vintage items. On clothes & furniture. In rooms. On walls. On many objects. And in combinations of items discovered during decades. This style gives energy and originality in fashion and decoration. The main point though is not easily giving the title of the perfectionism to each older thing. All past things don't bring the authenticity, the beauty, a stylish aura or high value.