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Fashion: To Be An Artist - Fashion Designer - Stylist, Means To Love People & Madness Of Life/part 1

To keep this sweet creative mood you need positivity and pure love for people

You Said Art? Yes, Fashion Is An Art!

What's the reason to create fashion? What's the meaning of the word art?

Art is to make any beauty understood by eyes and mind.

To analyse the color, the shape and the surface of everything making them able to cause the soul. Expressions of views in everything.

ARTists are angels and demons at the same time. Did you know that?

Some times they love to use white pure canvas putting on them heavy bright colors.

They love to shape everything within their own creative moments.

Fashion is a kind of art using various materials, as fabrics, leather, tulle, beads, wire, paper, clay, lace, plastic and all those touchable things which can be treated by hands and sewing machines or other tools. The serious purpose is to make people wearing their creations.

Other times the dark side of crazy stressing moods blows up from their breath, even they are painting or sewing, writing or dancing.

''Artist'' is a general word describing people who develop their view about the world within their pens, pencils, needles, music, books, canvas, brushes, cakes, using many materials, actions or ways.

( Photo: Creating a handmade bridal dress for a special woman. I adored these fabrics )

We, the Stylists

Let me tell you what they do. It's a lovely run after people who need to get dressed up correctly or trendy, funny, fancy. Even they are celebrities or the members of your family, all need a stylist to get advices about their great personal image at any time or event. All need to feel beautiful and elegant.

What these artists keep in their mind?

  • Uncountable hours of working time

  • Endless sweet tiredness and natural kindness to support any missing of confidence in people's mood, or facing strange or rude people

  • Amazing elegance or cozy shock on results when their creations are introduced to people.

  • Expressions of their sensitivity and option in life issues within their own fine way.

Good or bad work? It depends to whom you meet while you create your art. Feelings may vary. You love your work but to get it so good demands not only your desire or talent on artistic fields.

If a person respects you, then you can reach the sky finding the inspired ''click'' to start working with fun. You get in a spiritual mood to do your best for the others and you never mention the tiredness. After your creation get well done you feel proud of yourself. Your hands and your idea consist this worthy feeling.

If the person who needs your creation keeps a bad attitude, rudeness, non supportive way and an inexplicable toxic style, then you should avoid to go on with the project. The result may get problematic and the deal is really sick.

Fashion and Interior Design are passions.

Plus writing, music and more, more, more.

( Photo: My sketch about my 3 passions/ 1.Fashion - Interior Design 2. Styling 3. Writing)

When you work on many fields you need to keep a balance whether you spend time and inspiration to do your best.

Fashion & decoration are close friends in base and details but they have to do with different paths. In fashion you have to work on a real humans's body with its easy or hard lines and shape.

''All people can't look like top models to see the patern of a cloth - cut on paper and later on fabric - fitting perfectly on it. Your work as stylist and fashion designer is to make the person feeling and looking the most possibly beautiful. ''

Even to cover the bad points and support the best characteristics to catch the eye and the admiration of the others. It's your sincere interest as artist to make the client be happy, just because he feels stunning in your creation. He trusted you for his best option. He needs you to help him.

Imagine a writer who keeps a catchy story in his mind and is ready to publish it as a book. He is asked maybe about a love story but murders, police, ghosts and creepy events in its pages appear the mood of horror.

These examples mean that something is going wrong. And as artist you have to rule among mistakes as the magician in a fairytale. You need kindness, real love for the client, interest to understand what he means in his descriptions. Your knowledge to show him solutions in what he wants to is a balsam on him.

A person who hasn't got any sense of art doesn't mean that he can't keep an opinion on artistic things. People use their eyes, so they can like or dislike everything. Your good character then is a weapon to save you by an army of those who are ready to attack you about any lost detail.

Art walks on a stressful road.

You can't be sure about fame, money, feeling issues. If you do the work well doesn't mean you get a trophy. If you create lovely projects doesn't mean you get easily famous.

''If your big target means these 2 - fame and money - is not bad at all.

You have to think clearly in your mind though, that your hard work takes the 80% of your focus and time and your good luck just takes the 20%.''

I remember myself being 4 years old painting on walls and papers, sewing clothes in hand not doing crazy damages as baby. I had the focus - everyone around named that talent - and a mad happiness at those exact time. I was set to create artistic games ( as I thought it was ). It took me just my first 8 years of my life, to realize that I was born to be a designer in both fashion and interior paths.

Guess! My clear 1st and pure surprise by the passing years, is the very 1st object I took in my hands to give all my focus on, being just 7 y.o.

It was a book, people.

A real book for adults.

With dark smooth leather cover.

With a scary theme.

An amazing book for which I will talk you about in my next blog post.

Shall you date me?

We talk again very soon about more artistic passions. Which is yours?


What is your passion? What is your lovely something you never get boring doing it?

Please feel free to answer me here and share the article to your social pages, if you think it would be a good advice to your lovelies.

Keep in touch reading my free blog posts and thanks for joining my site here!

Blessings to you!



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