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Fashionable or Stylish?

These 2 don't always keep a common meaning.

Fashionable or Stylish?
Fashionable or Stylish?

It's not about the fashion trend.

We talk about style.

And these 2 words mean different things.

So it's time to reveal 4 pure truths:

  • Looking trendy doesn't mean you look stylish for sure

  • Being dressed in style doesn't mean you look trendy.

  • Fashionable means to follow fashion trends.

  • Style means to look smart elegant, also featuring your personality.

Just love trends? NO!

  • Trends.

  • Fashionable tips.

  • Elegant details.

  • Modern items.

Endless info, inspo, suggestions, articles, preppy links just to look gorgeous!

Don't feel safe about these...

Do you want to add value to your outfits?

It's worthy then to give mention to the quality of the clothes you get.

Total info is out of expensive items.

The point is to search the details of their creature.

Try styles and types on exact stores which provide you a variety of goods.

Good seams add quality on clothes
Good seams add quality on clothes

If an item fits you well, you look stylish.
If a style suits to you then you look trendy.

5 details show you the quality at your shopping time.

  1. Good fabric

  2. Straight seams

  3. Strong buttons and stamps

  4. Nice threads

  5. Well fixed decorative details

Feel confident to ask at shops for extra details you need about the cleaning.

Ask also about iron time and other storage details if no cards exist on the item.

Compare the value of the item to the final price.

Be sure you'll wear the item and you won't leave it in your wardrobe.

Appreciate your money.

Love fashion while shopping a new item.



How often you love to do shopping?

How you decide to buy an item?




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