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Here is The Manic Monday! Flirting With Our Parfume Or Mascara Is Our New Medicine

Had you ever wonder which is that magic ingredient that fills us by the fuel we all need during a hard day?

Being single or married, an ambitious man or a dynamic woman, a sweet child or a cute pet, a rich or a poor survivor you keep a daily/ weekly #plan to follow to. Let the mood - take the goal! Welcome to the #life jungle.

No bad to breath deeply. It's time to realise the #worth of staying alive among mad thoughts, huge expectations in general - either your boss/ family/ friends/ neighbours add plot in your life - even your own crazy targets which seem to act like a rubber; the most you try and feel pain to approach them, the less successful steps you count on your result.

Don't worry, my friend. Would you keep my dirty secret? Each time I try to kiss my organized daily program, this one seems to feel in love with the clock causing me the big - bad mess. And do you know what suprises me? Things get happened then. Well done by themselves. Switch on my story reading right now, to discover how and why.

It's a lovely morning of a cool #September. We have to be legal and so careful on the #Covid19 virus orders, as it came to rule us on this time of our life. We already felt the nasty moment to try the awful cotton/ paper made #mask and we seem to accept this new face accessory till the team of scientists give us more infos. You see the hours of your worktime or shopping time as many as the rise in your boiling jar. Elders feel afraid of this damn virus and teens want to start a #revolution. Parents take their mask off, screaming about the hard breathing ability and workers try the idea of the full #online work from home.

Yes! The world got into this strange groove since months. Yes! We get the thinnest path to reach #money and our stress to #survive is taller than our height. We shout and fight to each others. And we paint our smile with dark colors.

Maybe #Dali could make us smile a little, if we took in mind all those he used to put on his canva as he liked exactly to feel them. Out of their real shape. Could we create our own day? As we like? Of course we could. Actually we can. And we deserve it. And we do it by this moment. Now and then. We breath the available fresh air even living in a city or in a village. A #pray for good times till the moment we go to sleep in the night is a balsam put on our soul.

'' Feeling every #positive point surrounding us gives us power to fight against the unexpected bad second.''

One person mentions his daughter's' smile while another human loves his son's hug. Someone adores his wife's kiss and other people smile on their friends' jokes.

The sun is not a planet only. It lights our #inspiration. Hey, guy, shall we wear a new #parfum today? Just to smell a new opportunity? Come on girl, put your new #mascara and feel the beauty. Get out of the door, at last.

It's that #Monday. A New Manic Monday. Belonging to a new week. Things will go #better. Because we prayed for this. Because we just tick the square on the daily #schedule board by a pen! Because we all need this sincerely given blessing ''Good morning, world!''

*As we mentioned our adorable #parfum and our lovely #mascara here, find out on the next two articles about #styling, why they consist to the loyal couple of cosmetics, which make you look like a celeb! Each time you use them. Every time you appreciate a parfum or a mascara, a #happy mood full of beauty rings the bell of your self #confidence. And you create a smile so easily.


What is your power to fight the daily plan?

Please feel free to answer me here and share the article to your social pages if you think it would be a good advice to your lovelies.

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