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Hot Sun In Office Calls You In Actions .

Get in fun, my friend. Find my 22 solutions.

My office - my trip - my world
My office - my trip - my world

'' Hot sun in office

calls you in actions.

Get in fun, my friend.

Find my 22 solutions. ''

What do you need, if you desire an office in your place? A shelf, a seat, good light by day, great light by night. These are your essentials. Ah! And willingness to work. Won't forget...

Everyone loves one or more styles for this special space.

Comfort is what 'll help your inspiration, you know that well.

Personality with 1 element. Possible or not?

A cold, unwelcoming office, without the "something" detail that attracts you,

will drive you away every day from work.

  • Plants,

  • a lamp with a catchy design,

  • a seat in pop colors,

  • a wide window with an elegant roman roller shade,

  • extra shelves for your notes or books...

  • a frame with your very loved one, your adorable baby or the cute pet that lives with you,

  • the talismanic statuette gifted from your lovely grandfather.

It's you who knows better with what, how, why you 'll decorate a home office.
You give your better self daily and creatively in there.

12 ideas for your office...

... put you in a renovation mood with almost zero expenses.

Each photo has got keywords to put you in the mood.

Simplicity and practicality take the lead in all of them. (Click on pictures).

And 10 more office ideas for you.

So that you can transfer work to your home during the summer.

(Click on the pictures and you 'll find the keywords).

Don't you think it's your time to decorate?

Shall you work with fun in your office beautifying it with such ease and simplicity?

Guess which one of these here is mine!



How your office place at home looks like ?

💌Let me know here or in the e-mail or by socials, too.

(links: at the bottom of the site).





Working at office
Working at office


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