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How a Face Shaving on men & a Mascara On Women Add Magic To Your Image: Secrets Stylists Tell You

Creative thoughts to be careful of when you desire to add style in your face for any occasion.

Welcome to your personal #treatment. Even being a busy, tired, cool, trendy, traditional woman or a man is nice to love yourself. Try to use just 2 simple habits to add #beauty in your daily image. No reason to spend more and more money each time you visit an elegant store. Cosmetics look attractive as they all keep amazing bottles or wrapping styles. You want them all. I know. I do, also. Keep it a simple habit, though, as I already told you. Why? We read next to find it together.

“Do you keep an exact style in mind for your face? Boy, whether you prefer a trendy shaving look or you girl, if you ’re going to try the latest advertised mascara - there’s a stunning way for everyone.”

Women look us in the eyes

You’ll be adding maybe loads of layers of the cute #mascara bottle and you push the brush again and again to make your #lashes looking like a giant tarantula. Are you sure you like to keep your glance so fake or scary? No all eyes look stunning in this look. You may feel surprized, if you keep a fresh look just adding more layers to the out upper egdes giving a beautiful cat shape to your eyes. If you try a color out of the safe black, deep black, brown, as a deep nighty blue or forest green the result may be incredibly #elegant, #modern or #catchy. Save one more secret. Use 2 mascaras instead of 1. Firstly you put a rich one to add thickness and let dry. Then you can add a waterproof one. You are the winner in the Game of Charmness. Leave it simple to collect all the interest on your #eyes or put a neutral color on lips just to add smoothness or shine. We talk about a daily look. In the evening you can try crazy - impressive or perfect - classy color combinations and shaddows. Or you can match the make up of your eyes with your hair color, clothes and more characteristics on you.

Men now are ready to charm us

A great way to improve your personal #face style is adding a main detail for a captivate image. Even relaxing in your ordinary mornings at home or at your work. Do you want to look like a celebrity? No bad. You should find then your very own lines in your face, what suits to you when you do the #shaving. Put out of your mind that every style suits to everyone. This is not bad and please you have not to think that someone is more handsome than another. Try to compare twin men and realize that even them don't look like the same. Focus on what looks like great on your own face taking once or for more times smart advices from your hairdresser. They usually try shaving styles, too. You can also do changes in style trying longer or shorter beard, just to impress yourself among various season times. Would you dare to add color? Why not? Some men play with their pure natural colors but others need to mad it with unexpected shades on their #beard. Of course there are men who love the clean shaved face or a thin even a heavy #moustache.

These two ways of trying style on you add you voice, also, so let your personality shine through. Feel free not copying others just to be in fashion. Create your very best image and dare to do changes. Dare to keep a faith in one single style, if that gives you the confidence to feel unique and comfortable among others. The eyes tell always true stories and the face is the canvas of your emotion.

What is your lovely style when shaving, sir? What is your favorite mascara, lady?

Please feel free to answer me here and share the article to your social pages, if you think it would be a good advice to your lovelies.

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Blessings to you!


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