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How A Simple Kitchen Space Looks Lovely.

Where your focus needs to target on. (Open space - kitchen room)

( Easy open spaces. Large kitchen rooms lovely decorated to easy your life. )

Kitchen rooms may follow to many styles. Open spaces belong to easy ones. To create food art alone or with your lovelies. To organize amazing dinner times, to cook, feeling free to move among facilities related to food.

“If you have an exact design in mind for your kitchen, you 1stly need to give the focus on practicality. Whether a good look means the most to you, the important point is to use the room out of dangers for you or damages in it .”

I feel you when you say that if it's to make a room, to keep it for many years, so it deserves a bounce of money. This is a wrong decision though, as needs & fashion trends in decoration change easily and quickly. Even your own taste may vary incredibly strange in the next year of your new made kitchen. Why to feel that nasty situation then?

Open kitchen with shelves on the wall in natural colors and wooden parts. Plants and original lights on the ceiling add beauty and warmth to style.
Open kitchen with shelves on the wall.

Focus on useful points:

  • Put smart color on tils to be able to clean well after cooking. A whole white bright floor may look aristocratical but it needs your hands in an endless pain to remove stains and gross.

  • Check them to avoid slipping when moving... Oh, oh!

  • Matt surfaces keep less stains and gross from hand touching. ( Bad, dirty, hard job, my friend! )

  • Neutrals and natural colors give you a range ability to decorate with fantasy. ;)

  • Monochromatic palettes add an elegant sense even on rustic kitchens.

  • Open shelves may fear you about the dust. Believe me, this style causes you to use everything put on them. So you clean and decorate or fill them with stuff often and properly. Zero dust on there. :)

  • Glass wide windows let the natural light jumping in. Giving warmth to the space - saving money, by this way. Natural light is better for your eyes, too.

  • Plain areas let you working comfortably alone or with lovely people. I feel you thinking how worthy is to plan an instant party. With your people close, without thinking of bad traffic when preparing your gourmet plates. ( Sounds great, ah? )

  • Pots may have an extreme design cz they are visible always to everyone. Choose among a range variety in firms, colors and shapes. You deserve smart details to use a stunning room daily. Eat with art around you.

  • Remember this: great style is not always related to big money. You could spend less, getting awesome results in decoration.

(Franco Noriega - the famous chef creates here his recipe in a small but open kitchen. Nice to see a person in practice on what we suggest, do you agree? And, yes, it's a cute excuse to bring you a smile to the eyes & face at the same time. :) :)

Basic tips are here just to introduce you to a thought about a kitchen like this. The kitchen room is a main one at home and necessary to everyone. Big or small one is a need for people. So sad that no everyone in this world has access to a real kitchen room. We talk about styles here but we should wish a kitchen for all the people, who miss a room like this.

Try to be creative but kill the image worth to keep alive your easy access in what you need, when you take action in there.

Style is set to make our life beautiful but easy. Keep it in mind, always.


Answer me, please!

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It's great to exchange views on topics.


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Living in houses means to move things or getting things damaged.

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