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How Diet Slaps Us By Truths.

And We Love It.

Cz food gives energy plus pleasure. Calories get count by qualms, later...😂🧐
Cz food gives energy plus pleasure. Calories get count by qualms, later...😂🧐

You don't need any diet.

You feel great.

You look like a King or a Goddess.

Each time you approach to take a cloth from your wardrobe, a #celebrity lives inside your body. And he guides your confidence or attitude.

Actually the amazing feeling is huge that makes you running at the #kitchen room.

Come on! You do the same, don't you? I hear you agree. You just whispered ''yes''.

A rebel spoon- the big one- offers to transfer those liquid yummy chocolate cream into your #stomach. Am I right? Say yes, please. Don't let me alone in this sin. We do it.

Without nasty thoughts about pants sizes or #body_measurements on our belly line.

Really? Do you? Lucky you...

I 'm in a starship. Hidden. Still far. Don't delay my trip...

Diet and fitness is not about styling but health. Don't mess them up.
Diet and fitness is not about styling but health. Don't mess them up.

Dreams & calories.

This is a lovely dream. We all keep it in mind. Mine is always there. For years. And after a strong #allergy - I still don't know exactly of what, even I did special blood tests - this dream should jump in reality. I know you want to discover what's the matter with me.

How to tell it clear? How to feel it in real? Diet knocks my #belly area. Diet kicks my ass to get smaller. The blog here asks me for videos and I don't even dare to think, to keep a minute busy on thinking how to not feel shy, to record a video or a live time.

It's not about the #confidence. Or #new_clothes.

I have so so so many many many ( no, it's not written by error like this) to tell you.

That was emphasis. Do you laugh, people? Sadism? 😂🧐Thanx!😂🧐

These are daily issues we all face wherever we come from. We have common themes.

On styling, on money, on people, on events, on attitudes, on issues, on solutions.

It's now about a wonder situation on how -the fuck- I let myself to gain 5, then plus 5, again 5 kilograms on this body during last years without even feeling it...

There is no excuse by me. I ate more. I do really face #health_troubles related to #Cortisone #pills and spray products. These #swell me more. And this is the one painful part of the story.

Yes, I 'm sincere on this. And you think the same, I feel you.

Come closer to reveal you a secret.🧐

Following a diet menu is my hardest thing ever. I can't stand it, dudes. Can you feel me? It's like watching a judger counting each #mouthful. My small bites. I said ''small bites'', people.

Each time I hung a pretty piece of paper on the #fridge_door, I get in the mad action to eat like I 'm 10 persons together in a company, where food never ends and tomorrow never comes. It could be the next rock song hit : ''I want it aaall, I want it aaaaaall, I eat them aaaaaaaaall and get so faaaaat, yeahhh!''...maybe facing judicial problems for copyright laws in original lyrics, ha😂ha😂ha!

How and why plates win me? (click on food links, if you like)

Wanna know my scandalous agony? I start the day like a soldier.

All Delicious. I see you do the same. You imagine yourself like Jennifer. (Asking again of who is Jennifer 'll make you feel shy about your knowledge about music and beauty, am I clear? )

Right answer: #J_Lo. One of the global music & fitness plus styling legends.


Read next to count the #slaps my diet gifts me ... on both of my cheeks.

''Hmm'', is the only noise after escaping of the diet plan... now feel shy, like me!
''Hmm'', is the only noise after escaping of the diet plan... now feel shy, like me!

The day has got 24 hours. Right?

I 'm the best diet girl for 20 of them. And at 20:00 at the evening my stomach causes a revolution. It discovers #desserts, #creams, #bread_snacks, #chocolate_bars, #cheeses, #sausages, #pasta clouds in a mental hologram. Pasta!!! Oh, pasta spaghetti, il signiori!

Pans & plates call forks then. In 10 minutes the house sings a #tarantella_traditional_Italian_song to support the mood. I serve myself like being #Olive girl from the #Popeye_comic.

But when I finish my portion I rather feel like the #King_Kong gorilla. Without a golden deal with Hollywood. My mirror says: ''A new day comes, stay cool!'' And Jennifer shares her gorgeous -anyways- smile from her photo snap stick on the fridge. Giving me the courage to start again.

Not to mimic her in real. But to support the idea and the decision to go on.

Here's the point, my friend. To never give up.

Asking a specialist, though. A dietician, a doctor. To get help & safety. Never alone. Promise?

When #daily_habits slap your trial to win the #diet_game, start again. Focus on the worthy health status and the stunning image you'll get at the last day of your own marathon.

So lets do it again. Together.

I'm finally on diet mood.



Tell me, how do you react on diet issues?

I'd love to hear from you.

Drop me a line here or even in e-mail.

It's great to exchange views on topics.


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