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I Just Wanted to Give Up.

Strangers become lifetime friends. When your close people get bad.

I guess you know what I mean. I feel this happens often to you, also.

We are made by the same material. #Feelings get common.

Sometimes I need my time in quietness. Like a child, living in my own world.

To think. To feel. To plan. ''No bad to organize #life issues,, you may think.

I agree. When your people #support you.

Not in each madness ruling your adventurous desire.

One of my lovely themes in my work. Yes. This #blog you read at this moment.

What I mention? I run it by my own. It's me and you.

And I feel some negative vibes from people I know well.

You read correctly:

  • And we are not #drama queens/ kings.

  • It's not our common fantasy making ghosts and shadows.

  • You just need to count on a real word. Like I do.

  • Not a #good one. Deal.

  • Not a #bad one, too. Fair.

This is called #respect of others to your #hope.

Does something in my story reminds any detail of your life?

“Do you feel a deep sadness? Whether you prefer to hide the bad #attitude of people you feel like yours - there’s a stunning real way to put bad people far away from your own horizon.”

It's so simple to explain, my friend :

  • If we cause any #trouble to people, they keep a #fair action against us.

  • What happens then, if we always live in calmness?

  • Giving our personal war in life for our own #goals.

  • Without using souls or hearts of them.

  • Why these people #hurt others?

  • What's the matter to these people' s mind?

  • What have we done to them and they die to #attack?

  • Take a note! Without a reason.

  • So true, so nasty.

These are my #thoughts every time I get a toxic sense from human beings.

Egoism & Pathetic attitude are both guilty

Think about your common times with these people.

At parties or at work, at house or being everywhere.

You may be a charismatic one. An amazing worker. A lovely friend.

  • You just keep a sincere #concern to others.

  • Your wide #smile hugs people.

  • Your heart is a huge storage full in supportive actions for weak persons.

  • You run to share portions of #help without exchanges or gifts from others.

  • You fight for your best #future. With real skills.

  • You fertilize a field by hard effort to get delicious fruits of success.

But you apply your life tips without reporting your steps to cause any noise.

The problem of these people is that they want to rule YOUR life.

Because they get feed by their egoism and they don't even move their heavy legs to do things.

It tooks me precious days and years to realize this:

All the people don't wish a good life to others.

Not ever to their close ones.

And I deny to curse them.

It's easy to send an arrow back.

The hard but effective point is to get yourself in a better/ higher level.

And let strangers appreciating your best or any of your versions.

This is their punishment.

Without a jail.

Not even a law trial.

* Do you feel any nasty attitude from any of your close people?

Can you do me a favor?

Please answer here and share this article, if you think it will help someone.


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