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I Love You, Mommy. It's Your Day!

Mama, mom, mommy, mother's day is today!

Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's Day!

Could this day bring a beautiful sun?

  • Your children wake you up raining you by kisses and hugs.

  • Their eyes say to you much more than their lips.

  • An amazing flower bouquet calls you, standing on the kitchen table, as you walk there to prepare the sweet breakfast.

  • Those precious feeling that you just need your children close, than receiving presents.

  • Appreciation while admiring their present, knowing that it's bought by their own money after their hard work.

'' Mom's day means pure love. The rich feeling. A warm hug and a smacking kiss ''.
'' If your mommy has passed away the lovely memory and a sincere smile takes care of her picture in your heart ''.
'' The woman who adopts a child is a real fairy in life ''.

Mommy and daughter
Mommy and daughter

No color or ethnicity, religion or politics makes any sense when we talk about mothers.

Each human being or animal even birds, fish or insects need their mommy's love.

Mom and son
Mom and son

Poor, rich, educated or not, elegant, tacky, beautiful or cool, a mother is a person who supports you.

She is ready to help you at any time.

Her advice is worthy.

The voice of your mother is the ideal medicine to calm you.

A mother's heart keeps always lovely rooms to invite you.

You stay there for free, feeding your soul with the most delicious feelings.

So you are a lucky child at any age

when you feel close or think of your mommy.




Is there any word you haven't tell your mom and you're set to do it by heart, on this day?

I like to receive your answers.

In the e-mail but also in my social pages.

(Links at the bottom of the page)


🎁 Before you go 🎁...



❤❤❤ Marya
❤❤❤ Marya

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