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In Love. You Both Deserve It.

By your own feelings & decisions.

Full in love
Full in love

Εach time a couple gets married I keep sweet feelings in my heart.

It's not easy nowadays to improve any kind of relationship.

Marriage is a serious decision, situation, fact.

Why I'm sayin' that?

Many people face issues in life, my friends!

Their most nasty moments caused by close relatives and friends.

Sudden and negative...

People say the real friend reveals his real character on your sadness.

I find this opinion totally wrong.

I'm absolutely sure that people show their pure expressions on your happy times!

One needs to keep done really great job with his paths.

Needs, bizarre thoughts and sincere personality should be fixed in himself, in a lovely fair way to show you his smiley face.


At times you get lucky, happy, successful, relaxed and plenty of every good in your life.

A nice human shares with you real emotion.

So after adventure and crazy moments the bride and the groom decide to get married.

And suddenly they have to apologize for every mad personal issue to the others...

But what often happen to people?

Some times:

  • Friends and more others become selfish.

  • Relatives reveal a dark character. Without even a reason...

  • Sad words by co-workers make you feel the earth turning down like a dangerous trap.

  • A bad side of them comes to cause you slipping in the dark liquid of your thoughts.

  • They dare even on your wedding hours to target you by arrows.

  • Gossip and useless words are always there, on their lips, just to smash your mood.

  • Uneducated in communication people live among others only to bother.

'' Various themes keep someone far from creating a world nice to another person. It's not about the value of the relationship. Money and inspiration miss to all. And every one needs a solution''.

Three years earlier an adorable couple decided to live together.

Their notebook did a hard revolution. Pages appeared plenty of cost lists.

The issues/ things/ material things dropped a heavy rain of needs over their head:

  1. furniture items,

  2. kitchen & bathroom supplies,

  3. basic decorative objects,

  4. rental prices,

  5. practical car expenses,

  6. short trips & sweet gifts to parents,

  7. essentials for the office,

  8. the wedding event planning,

  9. THE whole WEDDING DAY demanding goal.


And you are gonna enjoy it!

  • Some people love to follow a simple style wedding event.

  • The plan for a wedding event needs a basic budget on money and care.

  • Creative people exist always among us and they think smart.

  • Practicality & emotion are best friends.

But 1st comes the pure LOVE in life
But 1st comes the pure LOVE in life


  • If you want to say YES, to do it, you will.

  • If you feel able to minimize expenses, you'll try it.

  • If you both want to follow a common taste, you should both walk on your own path.

  • If you search for solutions you'll find the best one ( and more! )

And If you feel lost in endless ways to support your dreams, I'm here to help you.

Do you know why?

Love keeps us close.

Experts 's knowledge is applied to reality.

People need help.

My passion for art is uncountable.


I know & I adore to show you, how to do it.

It's comin' ! ❤ -click-

Don't miss it.

It gets made with love for you.

All your imagination comes true within creations you try by yourself.

You get the solution you search

to live the BIG DAY of YOUR MARRIAGE as exactly you love.

Take a tour here.



How you 'd like your BIG DAY of YOUR MARRIAGE;

I love to receive your answers.



❤❤❤ Marya
❤ Marya

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