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It's So Early In The Morning And Yet No One Can Fight The Inspiration For Creation.

What if the hug lengthens? What if the cute tossed kiss wishes for a good lunch meeting? A new day comes. A new week welcomes us in life. Grab it.

Everyone runs at work and the day costs its soldiers: obligations in order, time and early action.

The shower and personal care drag behind the casual breakfast.

Eating on standing?

Does not matter. A new day comes.

The music - scandalous and always present in this house - to be heard, daring, creating images and reminding sweet past stories.

Giving style to the new event that life forms.

The door with the "click" does not bother but the car roars like a grunting baby.

The balcony door also agrees as a member of the spiral.

The sun has not yet appeared, not even as a star.

Be sure, he tells secrets to the #night as he still plays with him.

The value of our mood

''Do you keep a person in mind to bless him for nice moments in his new week?

Do you miss anyone?

How often you send wishes to lovelies, relatives, friends, neighbours or even your boss who meets you every day?

How easily you smile to start a day in positivity?

What if a pure hug could be the new worthy coin to pay for whatever we need in our life?

I would like this idea.

What about you? ”

Wherever you live, in a modern apartment located in the cozy part of a busy city or in a sweet traditional house looking at the calm coast from your window, you need the same quantity of supportive #mood.

  • To save power for life.

  • To take the great thesis in a joyful thought you desire to keep for your new day.

  • To #survive.

  • To #live.

  • To smile.

  • To #inspire others.

Giving people wishes

For the new week you have to do an action. Let people counting good moments. They may plan to create new things from the beginning. You simply make them able to keep the #hope for the better & the best in their actions. To help themselves. This is not a small thing.

It 's an amazing action.

To be honest not all the people around us are good enough to receive our pure nice vibes. Not all the people feel happy by our personal success.

Not all the persons meet us with good words.

The serious point though is our own spirit. Our own #personality makes the difference in all #attitudes. Make it an image in your mind. If you rinse the #good dust all over the crowd you will all get rained by the good water. If you feel wet then by a fresh rain water, you can not get a sick or a bad dirty human. The good purpose wins the #bad one just because of the nice purpose in its action.

So many people - so many attitudes.

Be the warm word and not the cold glass from their bare window.

Had you ever watch the early morning after a long night out of your window? Just to analyse how #faces react to others, who talk them or wish them ''Good night'' or ''Good morning''.

If moods were colors the rainbow would leave the sky alone to live on our lips.

Keep and spread the fun to win the day

“Be optimism, show off your supportive way to people and talk about your dreams.”

Get into the daily groove

So, it's time to send you my wishes. Objects often talk like human beings. Pencils make sense to me. Markers and notebooks are vividly winking at me these days. "- You have a lot to write today! Invite more papers to our party, Milagros!"They ask me strongly.

I will do them the favor and all together, my office, any valuable graphic tool or material about my creation we wish the whole world a GOOD NEW DAY!



What is your lovely habit when starting your day?

What are your favorite blessing words to your people?

Please feel free to answer me here and share the article to your social pages, if you think it would be a good advice to your lovelies.

Keep in touch reading my free blog posts and thanks for joining my site here!

Blessings to you!



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