It's So Early In The Morning And Yet No One Can Fight The Inspiration For Creation.

What if the hug lengthens? What if the cute tossed kiss wishes for a good lunch meeting? A new day comes. A new week welcomes us in life. Grab it.

Everyone runs at work and the day costs its soldiers: obligations in order, time and early action.

The shower and personal care drag behind the casual breakfast.

Eating on standing?

Does not matter. A new day comes.

The music - scandalous and always present in this house - to be heard, daring, creating images and reminding sweet past stories.

Giving style to the new event that life forms.

The door with the "click" does not bother but the car roars like a grunting baby.

The balcony door also agrees as a member of the spiral.

The sun has not yet appeared, not even as a star.

Be sure, he tells secrets to the #night as he still plays with him.

The value of our mood

''Do you keep a person in mind to bless him for nice moments in his new week?

Do you miss anyone?

How often you send wishes to lovelies, relatives, friends, neighbours or even your boss who meets you every day?

How easily you smile to start a day in positivity?

What if a pure hug could be the new worthy coin to pay for whatever we need in our life?

I would like this idea.

What about you? ”