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Lady's Tips For Basic Bags.

Details of ideal - easy - daily bags!

Lady's tips for basic bags


I'm LadyCat WellFeedStomach.

Milagros's styling assistant. 🌟

I am a lover of fashion accessories.

My legs got involved in messy situations among bags.

Bags are my best items, specially when they are put on the floor.

( I also adore paper bags but Milagros never let me play with them...)

Her serious excuse is the noise I make when I try my nails on them.

So I stay calm & stylish.

Of course, I have the ability to open bags but the main point is 1:

Not every bag is ideal for your daily image.

Some times I wonder about ugly creations worn by fashionistas.

Here you get lessons for your smart style.

My suggestion for a basic, easy, lovely, daily, cute bag is to get your focus on these details:

  • smooth surface ( to wipe / clean it safely )

  • medium / small size ( ideal at any hour )

  • try to fit your both palms ( storage ability )

  • simple details on opening parts ( to mix & match styles )

  • quality on metallic details ( to avoid breaking )

  • basic / neutral colors ( for easy combinations in styling )

  • long bag strap to try it in many ways ( tie it or try the postal style )

  • extra inside pockets ( to hide money )

  • zips on the previous inside cases ( great for your coins or worthy things )

  • logical price ( no crazily expensive - no ridiculous cheap )

  • fabric case to keep it when it's not used ( use an old pillow case, instead )

My interview was based on a bag.

Think of the picture...

Months earlier...

I 've just entered from Denia's balcony as I do daily.

All the women of the house arrived at home next. Marya, Denia & Joy.

Someone left the bag appearing on the left in photo on the office chair.

I swear I 'm not a cat causing damages and you have to believe me but

I'm sincere enough to say that I wished to see what the bag keeps inide.

And my wish came true!!! Yes!

The bag slipped by itself on the floor. My leg helped to open.

And I saw a snack just delicious for me '' Lady, the only lovely pet there ''.

Marya effectively had safe plans for the bag.

She hanged it on the wall.

Right after I lied down on Denia's newspapers, denying to move.

No way, girls. I won't stand up.

And then I saw the other bag on the wall, trying to reach it.

It also keeps cute details like golden chains & a decorative ball in the front part.

The next words had to do with my interview.

I love fashion & I demand a symphony.

Deals - Hands - Legs given. Hugs.

I 'll share from now my tips to you, with Marya...

... with catlove!

Lady. 🌟

LadyCat WellFeedStomach. Milagros's styling assistant.
LadyCat WellFeedStomach. Milagros's styling assistant.


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