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Lady's Tips For Yard Floors.

Mention what your yard needs !

Lady's tips for decoration



I'm LadyCat WellFeedStomach.

Milagros's decoration & styling assistant. 🌟

I am a lover of decoration & fashion.

I live in a house with people so I know exactly what they need.

Lovely yards relax my body.

( I also adore to sleep on beds but my fur gets warm easily ...)

Today I'll teach you tips about smart floors for your yard.

So, take a cup of tea, fresh juice or coffee and stay here...

Of course, I have the sense on any surface but the main point is 1:

Not every material is ideal for your yard.

Come on, guys! Run with me! Miew!

Some times I wonder about ugly creations made by speed.

Just to do something to use. Rebels...

🌿My suggestion for a safe, good, cozy yard place is to get your focus on these details:

  • safe surface ( to walk and clean it safely )

  • try to find nice quality on tiles ( ideal to not slip when walking )

  • keep some items for future use ( for any repair )

  • simple details to fix a design ( matching each others )

  • mix & match styles for amazing style ( original design )

  • quality on colors ( to avoid changes by temperature )

  • basic / neutral colors ( for easy combinations in styling )

  • free ending ( to put easy )

  • extra strength to carry heavy weight ( from furniture to bicycle or car )

  • easy to cut ( great for garden artists - creators )

  • logical price ( no crazily expensive - no ridiculous cheap )

  • traditional materials like bricks or stones ( they have already signed their value by the years )

I grew up in yards, so I 'm a guru now.

Think of the picture...

Years earlier...

I was just lived with another family.

My mommy's memory is now like a soft piece of tulle in front of my eyes.

Someone let me live at his house playing in and out it .

Anyways I escaped by their yard when they left me in my destiny's road.

I swear I 'm not a cat causing damages and you have to believe me but

I'm sincere enough to say that I feel nowadays like a queen in Denia's balcony.

I wished to sleep though, under the sun.

Like a free single cat.

Like a hippie hunter.


🌿On tiles or stone areas. On bricks or fake stones made by cement.

This one looks stunning made with stencil designs. Handmade.

Milagros put already this #special_decor_lesson in her Home Study Course #D_decoration.

Yes! Her ways help you to transform / create and make your yard so beautiful!🌿

Even you live in a sunny place like me, even you use the yard to enter your home,
this exact part of the whole building shows many about your personality and it decides issues about your safety, too.

So please, be careful how you treat works and details about any floor on your yard area.

Deal? Legs given?


Do you think that Marya would be proud of my advises here to you on this theme? ...

Be honest and tell me!


Till next time... cat-kisses!


LadyCat WellFeedStomach. Milagros's decor & styling assistant.
LadyCat WellFeedStomach. Milagros's decor & styling assistant.


And if you are a creative person
who Loves Decoration & Fashion
but tries hard to save money to live well,

B. The very first 2 Home Study Courses get prepared in next days for you!








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