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Logo Design & Meaning.

They have got their own life.

Designs have got their own life. Lines & colors keep a role.
Designs have got their own life. Lines & colors keep a role.

A creative - but always living in a sweet insomnia - child.

I used to fill my life with #art. So many fields - so little time.

My parents faced a big fight against... open lights at nights, non stop #music from the radio, an open TV, amazing #books around me, uncountable #pencils, pens, #papers and notebooks, #fabrics and buttons, #beads and #scissors, glues, acrylic #color-tubes, wooden pieces and #stones, leather, tulle and more...

We were dynamic soldiers of the army of art.

When I say ''we'' I mean all these materials mentioned earlier.

They still are my precious friends - coworkers. All of them.

'' Wondering if I was holding scissors, fabrics or stones at my birth moments ''.

Decades passed in this way. Lovely #creations, try, passion, lessons, #studying years, projects, people, professors made my art - glass delicious and plenty.

I don't miss any field of art. Those days built a castle of knowledge and #results to #people.

And after many years a decision brought the huge change in my life.

A #company. Legal and exact. Artistic and tiny.

Which needed a logo design.


Logic in my mind is like a big square room.

To put all my plans inside it.

Standing by feet on earth. Practicality & result.

A small square room keeps my focus on details and virtue's storage.

The circle is me.

The rebel who is free to dance into these squares.

By warm feeling, open spirit and crazy inspiration.

8 lines like eyelashes express my artistic paths:

  1. design / painting

  2. fashion / styling

  3. sewing / embroidery

  4. decoration / places' s beauty

  5. crafts / creation

  6. writing / reading /studying

  7. global music

  8. helping mood

Art is an awesome way to breathe - live.
Art is an awesome way to breathe - live.

Why my #logo_design can't seem just & only like a cute flower, a name or a simple drawing line?

It needs something from my deep parts on my heart & soul.

To keep a true ID, by itself.

Now you know it!



What design would your work / passion/ hobby be?

I love to receive your answers.


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