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14 Secrets A Pair Of Sunglasses Reveals To You( part 1 )

Don't wear them only. Be sure you won't look like an idiot.

When choosing sunglasses let the quality guides you to the ideal style and not your strict desire to look trendy. Bad materials cause damage to your precious eyes. The doctor loves to just check and not treat your pain in your eyes. Be careful then buying this special object from official stores and ask about details on these original products.
Not enough to look modern - quality is the 1st to check on them

Well, it's time to talk about a serious fashion accessory: sunglasses. You think it's a way to look as cool as its style adds you to the whole outfit. Believe me then, this tiny fashionable object is more than a thing you use to stay in fashion. We talk about our precious eyes. And you need these eyes for more moments than expressing your revolution vibes about fashion trends, don't you?

“You have an image in mind for your ideal pair of sunglasses? Whether you use them to see correctly or you’re addicted to them keeping a huge collection - there’s a dazzling variety in styles, colors & shapes for everyone.”

No, it's not party time. It's not my break to relax with music, while writing.

( Even it's lovely to enjoy always ❣❣❣ )

We still talk about sunglasses and Barry used to try lovely stylish items...

You won't need notes: It's known to everyone: the quality is the 1st, the last and the worthy characteristic on sunglasses.

The song title gave the tone in the game of my thought. ( Between us, I love Barry's style in wearing interesting glasses on many of his song clips. )

So far in years - so close to attitude...

A magic list to choose the ideal pair of sunglasses for your face

About the quality:

  1. check on materials and design parts, screws and nose pads

  2. how comfortable you feel when they fit on your face?

  3. check the color of the lens/ they may cause you headache

  4. search all their details written on card in their original case

  5. price and service should match to their quality

About the style:

  1. your confidence makes them to suit you, even if styling theory asks about different styles on you

  2. oval face shape looks great wearing every style

  3. dark colors or green/ blue may give more relaxation to your eyes.

  4. ask specialists and try many models of sunglasses on you before purchasing anything

  5. mirror style on lens are ideal for casual outfits. Avoid wearing them with official suits or romantic lines in clothes, to not look tacky

  6. the ''aviator style'' looks amazing in most of outfits special in natural color. All time classics & elegant often appear in movies, song video clips or interviews of celebs

  7. ''butterfly'' or vintage style is lovely for romantic or ''rockabilly'' outfits

  8. 70's style needs wide, large, round or square shapes. Ideal to fashionistas. They always look stunning to long hair people. Natural in off white or beige color, they look cool on many faces

  9. metallic styles add a luxurious sense but be sure for any of your allergies

These are basic lists of how to get close to this smart fashion accessory. It adds a dynamic sense to all of us.

But the best point is to choose them because we need to feel beautiful & safe about our eyes. Not only trendy, following creepy designs just to cause impressions to others.

Being stylish means getting beautiful. Not just wearing sillies looking and feeling like a real fashion victim, spending money and causing your health, too.



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Living in style means to add beauty on us, saving money at the same time.

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