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Make My Chocolate Evening!

A blessing rain never colds people.

A warm sweet chocolate makes the mood!
A warm sweet chocolate makes the mood!

''Oh, this tasty chocolate

is warmer than a hug!

Let it steam!

Leave the cold rain

falling on the path

& the SWEET NIGHT to begin!''

The perfect mood with friends, family and sweet drinks make hearts feeling lovely. This suits to Xmas days. Blessing rains never cold people.

A rainy evening with a warm drink! Lovely mood...
A rainy evening with a warm drink! Lovely mood...

Which drinks?

Do you love #warm_drinks at #winter?

I 'm wanna be honest. I love ice creams and cold drinks during all the year.

But these warm sweet chocolate drinks, rare kinds of coffee and tea

make my #winter_mood more adorable than any other taste.

Here is my favorite chocolate cup.

What are you drinking now?

Are you ready to try this tasty idea?

  • I'm now to put a jar with fresh water to boil.

  • A cute ciel cup calls the small spoon to get in it 2 portions of cocoa dust.

  • The half spoon of sugar is invited to melt in.

  • Fresh milk arrives from the fridge to give its touch.

  • The spoon dances with harmony among the mixed stuff.

  • It asks them to become a soft cream.

  • The water slips in the cup creating a totally delicious drink.

  • A piece of real chocolate bar swims in the cup reaching slowly at the bottom.

Your lips feel in love with this winter drink

while they try to accept #blessing_words from people in the company.

All of you keep the mood and feel ready to live the #festive_aura of Xmas.

Till then you enjoy this evening!

Have a SWEET NIGHT, people!


What's your best drink in winter?

I'd love to hear from you.

Drop me a line here or even in e-mail.

It's great to exchange views on topics.

Let's be friends on socials, too.

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