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Milagros Feels O.k.! Marya Runs Like A River

How Do You Manage The Crazy Team Of Your Own Personalities?

Take your mug and sit in your arm chair. It's time to meet each others.

And if you think that you talk to a single person I have to explain you some things about my 2 mad personalities. I feel you 'll need to save notes. I bet you'll enjoy the derby.

Don't worry! Doctors aren't involved in here. Just exact allergies often make my days hard. When we talk about the fight between Milagros & Marya, we mean a strong slap race.

“Milagros hires the emotion to relax together, while Marya's knees pain on reality's thorns”

When you are a child adults advice you to be responsible by then and for ever.

Later you realize time is like the ocean water. Fresh when wets you, dangerous to kill you.

Milagros desires to create art. Always.

Thinking about the right pen on writing. Selecting the perfect brush on painting.

Discovering the magic pencil for sketches and the ideal paper for design.

An amazing piece of fabric inspires her to sew a stunning new dress while an idea for teaching a new skill related to these fields, gives an endless hug to her thoughts.

Not bad. She is the artist in my story here.

Marya tries to balance activities & thoughts.

Strategy, daily plans A,B,C till the W steal her time. Focus, decisions, issues, responsibilities dance in her brain ruining the free expression in everything.

Not bad, too. She is the soldier put on the corner of the P.S. in the story above.

Wanna learn who wins the fight during the day?
Both & no one.
Because life needs scissors to cut negative people from your success tree.
Another useful tool is the pill of ''believing in yourself''. Effective to moods.

On May 2020 Milagros started the website and the blog you read now.

Marya paid its domain name and hosting fees.

Planned actions about articles, content, presentations, photos, titles, creations.

Next Mr. Covid-19 came as visitor, enemy and co-worker.

He planned by himself each day and night.

Milagros used her nights to calm down her creativity, inspiring new and total artistic themes.

Marya used her days to apply the practicality on needs about life, routine, human being troubles.

Both did a nice deal.

May 2021. Things are getting done properly.

Day by day both M. & M. win the bet on their plans.

Milagros just finished her study courses here tonight. The website is ready by 90%.

Official papers related to here drive to her hands on these days.

The 10% belongs to a ''pie'' made by spring allergies, deals to profs about many subjects, family life, house demands, bank & lawyers words, tax info and stress.

Not delicious bites but useful to run things.

Your questions and sweet support gift me endless love and friendship.

Thankful feelings by me to all of you feed my dreams.

My both personalities give the promise to be here for you,

to make you happy solving common situations we face in our life.

Thank you, thank you , thank you, people!


Do you feel like keeping more than one personalities living inside you?

What about the balance in your daily activities?

I 'd love to hear from you.

Drop me a line here or even in e-mail.

It's great to exchange views on topics.


P.S. 1. Comment & Subscribe . Get your FREE gift from the ''about'' page.

And new lovely things are coming... <3 :)

Life is sweet.
Life is sweet.



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