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Music, Mirror and Style.

Great music has a word about your image.

See your style change beautifully over time. With sound from music clips, you might meet an "other" person now in your mirror...
See your style change beautifully over time. With sound from music clips, you might meet an "other" person now in your mirror...

Welcome everyone in the best mood..

You love #music!

I feel you.

Put on your favorite songs, #while_getting_dressed.

The tunes give great energy.

You watch your best self in your #mirror.


When I say "Good mood" I mean music, style and fun.

Music owns my 1st move in the morning. One of my lucky facts in life, guys, is that my John maintains the same addiction to music.

I don't hide that whoever of us - both crazy - wakes up first, puts on music at medium volume. (We have to keep our neighbors calm somehow).😊😉😊

  • Music means power.

  • Music inspires #style.

  • Music creates memories.

  • And music helps us feel good.

Especially when we try on new or old clothes in front of our mirror.

«Do you love music while you get dressed in front of your mirror? Whether you prefer a modern electro remix or vintage romantic chants, AOR rock, metal, opera, pop, disco, morna, lullabies, jazz, salsa or any other genre of music - there is an amazing tune for each of us."

You know what to wear everyday.

But limited #time often determines your movements.

Don't let him ruin your #mood.

Music follows fashion.

Let's try a musical journey...

Do you like radio programs?

Pick your favorite and let it have a look while you try to zip up your skirt.

Vibes brings you to a dynamic party.

Why don't you try on a #hat?

Do you like playlists on YouTube?

Find impressive compilations made with passion by any DJ who loves to create artistic playlists.

Trying on a neutral colored #suit today... Do you?

Want a tune from yesteryear...

...that reminds you of special moments in your life?

Browse through titles and artists and let them bring you to a specific year.

Fluorescent green, black or shiny items give you a kiss right now, am I right?

This journey can take 10 minutes daily.

Just 10 minutes in front of your #mirror.

A full length mirror sounds great for this great habit.

Have all your view.

It's not a fairy tale.

Try it and add positivity to your everyday life.

Tunes can #inspire you, what to wear today or the next day.

Or next week.

They may follow you in the car, at work, while shopping and visiting friends.

Tell them what happens when you enjoy music this way...

Do you watch your face change beautifully over the years?

Just like in the movies, you might meet an "other" person inside that mysterious glass object on the wall.

And you might like it more now. Maybe you think of a wonderful person of yours from the past. Friends that were lost, maybe.

Adorable artists - who gave meaning to your style in your teenage years - and right now magically bring your other moments to life.

Now is the perfect time to reveal to you something that makes my day,

every time I watch her video clips.

She is the queen of pop music and she awakens the child that always lives in me...

Let's enjoy it together, both dressed in #lace, #beads, #style and dancing fever...

Are you in;



What music do you listen to? Does it affect your dressing?

I would love to hear from you.

Send it to me here or even to e-mail.

It's great to exchange opinions on topics.




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