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Olivia, you'll never know this!

Confessions by an emotional child!

Lovely Olivia Newton John
Lovely Olivia Newton John

5 days earlier.

I just feel my eyes wet about #Marilyn.

The absolute #star - symbol who died mysteriously since decades.

I kept the desire to create a honor article dedicated to her.

Among movie scenes and stylish outfits, things get in mess.

So many info - so huge star quality...

I fixed my files for a future post and I put music as always.

Every day is a melody party in my studio. Also in home!!!

I can't live without music!

People who know me well insist I could definitely work in the musical industry

as a dj.

My eyes give their focus on pc screens or on pens, pencils, fabrics, scissors, brushes, colors and sewing threads, beads and more...

🌟My mouth indeed suddenly started to sing #Xanadu.
I felt like a child again!
My fingers clicked on Google search engine finding instantly amazing pictures of #OliviaNewtonJohn.
What made me leaving everything else at the moment?
Who set me searching her exact age, info or each career details?

Two decades later than Marilyn's activate time.

Why I became a time traveler?

Like keeping a button in my mind... strange things, people!

🌟 Olivia left for ever this world just yesterday.

She took with her a sweet part of my #childhood.

Those magic sense at some weekend before decades,

watching #Sandy dancing with #Danny! #Grease!!!

The very next day my eyes, ears, senses came close to this #musical_film,

I added clothes & accessories inspired straightly from those scenes.



'' 🌟 Olivia 🌟 ,

I'm so sad, as you'll never know that your cute #iconic #roles gifted me the highest grade in my 1st free themed #essay in the English language.

I was 10 y.o. when I discovered your movies and music

so I wrote about those pure love among amazing #songs!

Songs which remain on the #top lists for ever!

And people often judge hardly all #80s #Fashion trends.

No, fashion then was not tacky.

It's not about #nostalgic #memories.

If you know how to wear a fashionable item, a material or style,
then YOU set the Fashion limits.

YOU did it great!

The reason I love #Halter_neck tops was you.

Black glittery pants and honey-blond hair made me feeling modern and attending to grow up fast in my mind.

Till then my #designs filled my notebooks with outfits similar to yours!


Your charismatic #voice stayed in my ears during these last five days.

I confess I had a bad mood for seconds.

Wondering why so many adorable #artists passed away massively on last years.

Admiring your images I put the nasty event so far in time...

I didn't know about your painful health trip for 30 years...

And the bad news left me completely speechless!

No way!

It can't be true!

What made me singing '' #Physical! '' explaining the scandalous meaning

at those years? Studying at the elementary school.

Dancing in breaktime of the lessons and....

"Let's get physical..., physical../.., l wanna get physicaaal, leeet's get into physical, let me hear your body taaalk...."

Angelic vibes may approach me some times.

I can't even accept what happened.

The fact I rescheduled my blog post is real.

I owed this article to our both souls:

to yours who travels into heaven's gardens and

to mine that is feed always by art.

Thanks, #Olivia, for being an #artistic_aura upon me.

Without you even knowing 't!



P.S. It's a hot night. A '' #Summer_night ''!

I 'm writing now sitting at the balcony.

I don't know many things about butterflies but I just mention that

I can't find now the sand beige one, which was flying close to my arm while writing.

And it wasn't a paresthesia to me, Olivia! ''






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