Real Style For Kids Room. Here We Are!

More cute than candies, less quiet than school areas but the dearests rooms to many people's opinion. Because of their authenticity.

It's so easy to admire a room made for a kid. You are sure that each object in it is useful, safe to use it, clean and lovely. You keep a great picture of beautiful little people who follow the game, looking so pretty ideal to be true. And here is the point. They lie.

You know how is to pretend the perfect attitude to those who judge everything. Parents often need quietness, so they do one of the worst mistakes while decorating the room for their kid. They add many items such as the bed, the big desk with a wide arm-chair. Uncountable toys, endless time offered to a kid to stay in front of a Tv machine and loneliness. They want to relax. Not all of the parents act in this way but let me tell you that nowadays this system seems to get followed by many of them. But the kid is now just 4 years old in age. The pure kid asks you about a smooth rag - natural materials help on allergies - and some sweet toys to touch and play for hours...maybe a tasty snack is the only added thing in their mind. Kids think simply. They don't care about the stylish mood parents like to shape in this space. Not for the money spent for the decoration, also.

So what? You now think I am trying to tell you that you are a bad adult, who runs after your own life issues ignoring the other members of your family, following trends and social posts full in extreme outfits and decorative suggestions. You may believe I judge you but I am not. Not at all. I know how is to love great things as I create art. I am a fashion & interior designer and I totally feel you.

“It's not my word - arrow to hurt you. I just keep a quiet question for you. Do you have a design in mind for your kid? The truth is right here. Whether you prefer a trendy pop look or you’re going for a more luxurious style here - there’s a stunning funny attitude from kids to you, making them wanting to throw you out of their rooms, as they need something simple. To express their dynamism. To jump simply on the rug hugging their brothers or friends. To #relax on a minimal bed only, with no glitters on its blanket, no expensive fabrics, no silken pillows, no golden frames. To stay in a real #home with real movements. To not worry if they will smash into pieces those rare glass light you bought at your last trip to an exotic place. Why kids do not care of it? They have to #play. Just this. Because they are still #kids.''