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Rugs Just To Warm You? Shakira says ''Not Only''!

Why To Say ''No'' to a nude home.

Shakira is the rug specialist.
Shakira is the rug specialist.

Shakira is our carpet expert and she shares secrets to you!

Felines appreciate interior design! They love the boho style on rugs.

She presents it here with style and leisure...

How does a rug beautifully dresses up a room ?

  • Although it keeps holes in design, this rug dresses up the space exceptionally well.

  • Shakira says that not all carpets are just to keep us warm.

  • Dark ones make a stylish contrast with the light color of the floor tiles.

  • She likes this color game.

  • Diameter: 1.50 cm. Fits everywhere.

  • Light weight. Round, cute shape. It looks elegant.

  • Easy to survive (think about our feet when we step on it and the manicure lesson Shakira tries on, like the little Miew, here )!

Carpets laid all year round or only during the cold months?

2 opinions/answers by Shakira...

A. People often laugh to carpets staying always laid in a space.

Under the pretext of dust and the tedium of sweeping, they abhors even the idea of keeping a carpet on the floor outside the time period: October to the end of February.

These persons only want rugs for warmth.

For processing purpose.

To step their feet on a warm surface.

End of this topic.

Respectful and understandable.


I get tired when cleaning rugs here
I get tired when cleaning rugs here

What are Shakira's co-workers saying?

'' Yes, I took them of because I got tired by so much fluff, my friends.

I hated the broom. If you want carpets, clean them yourself!'' - Black

''I don't want the carpets all the time. Lots of hair and dust! I destroy my nails...'' - Brownie

Sometimes i remove rugs during the summer
Sometimes i remove rugs during the summer


B. Some people love to put carpets on the floor all year round.

A huge variety of light, cotton, synthetic, silken as also heavy woollen rugs exist for you.

The materials that make them suitable to any temperature are many and ideal.


If the furniture items give life, the ''dressing image'' in a space is given by the carpets and curtains. Actually, they add a lot to its style.

fresh lime color on carpets
fresh lime color on carpets

Here's what Shakira's storekeeper says:

'' I searched a lot but I found the right green with yellow tones for my carpet. The space will be highlighted. It 'll spoil the party...

Among other things, we die for style, guys! Am I right?'' Chic

Shakira also reveals an elegant truth to you!

No matter how beautiful is your furniture, no matter how great architecturally designed is your space, an ideal carpet makes your place looking irresistible.

A unique home accessory - and not only - the carpet.

It makes a space warm, artistic, friendly. It improves a cozy atmosphere.

Don't even think that Shakira just poses on carpets/ rugs...

She feels lovely relaxed on them.

And that's great!



What's your opinion about rugs ?

Find precious decoration and styling tips

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