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I Knit A Great Dream. To Hug The Whole World In My Pure Blessings.

I was painting our own new world since my childhood years and I still use to build it. And that's my favorite feeling. Can I do it for you?

(Image: from personal sketch collection by Marya Milagros Iskou)

Because love exists everywhere.

What if you are a kid?

What if you have no rich experiences in life?

What if nasty issues had never locked you into their hard nets?

Let the wild wood getting deeply wet by true life color.

And your hands innocent & bare to feel sweetly hurt of its pure lovely natural surface.

Feelings and senses are those we all keep for ourselves only, if we like to.

Beauty the branches of your life with smooth cords full of emotions.

( Image by Unsplash - Will O )

You can never hide your sensitive vibes.

The open eyes enjoy the color.

You know the depth of the bold red touch you put onto the tree.

Firstly you can look a tree full of life.

Its flowers are your thoughts.

Birds are your decisions.

''The greatest mood gets back in your soul then.

You make choices among people.

Sharring the words they deserve to.''

And the world seems bigger.

Getting older and wiser.

You analyze moments.

  • Brains.

  • Errors.

  • People.

  • Secrets.

  • Lessons, finally.

That's called worthy life, feeling completely calm & beloved.


Weekly blessings to people like you.

People should deserve to receive good words when they are;

  • Creative,

  • Positive,

  • Adorable,

  • Grateful,

  • Supportive,

  • Sensitive,

  • Survivors in this angry world.

( Image by Unsplash - Carolyn V )

Craft the second

You keep a box with a cover.

Count your blessings.

Measure your luck.

Give a hug.

Slip inside it.

And paint a veil around you to add a mystery tone.

New events come soon.

Bless them all.





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