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Secrets Your Easter Eggs Reveal To You:

How a real decorative egg creates amazing relationships among people.

Wednesday came in Greece - before the Easter Day. Moms search to buy real strong eggs to follow the tradition. On Thursday the Easter eggs should get red. Like they appear after Jesus's death in Books all Orthodox people had read some day.

So many lovely moments to remind from my childhood. All in neighborhood became a family. People were cute always during these days. Pure love hugged us like a veil.

Running for shopping about fruits, gifts, materials to bake aromatic & delicious #bread_cakes (aka #tsourekia in Greek), chocolate in #egg_shapes, and food supplies more than the need of the days: it was like a hard embargo comes to threaten us for starving. Not funny logic, but even it's to analyze the rights on buying things in huge numbers with not organized reason or to talk about the killed lamb which feeds people (aka #Ovelias in Greek) this post should become a whole book. :)

Lets fill the day with positive images and smiles, then.

Dads always talked about good meat pieces to roast, as in Orthodox World the exact lamb as material roasted slowly above the fire in the garden, has got a symbolic point. But here we are to meet the sweet artistic habit of children. Not more for the day.

So littles used to sit around the kitchen table, asking with round (like eggs) opened eyes, which egg they can take to start the painting festival.

''At laaast Mommyyyy! Give me an egg!''

“You may follow the classical way to make #red_eggs. Perhaps you like to paint on eggs or just boil them in #liquid_colors or adding hand art by ink pencils by other techniques, some points though, are common important to save eggs strong”

Check this full list of tips:

  • buy white and #beige_eggs to help your fantasy in design

  • faces in design look easily like real in beige eggs

  • white eggs work perfect like canvas for most of painting themes

  • use metallic colors to move quickly, covering shape issues or errors in previous painting

  • let eggs for hours out of the fridge - if you use to put them inside it-

  • in some countries eggs are put out of fridge by the law ( in Greece most people put eggs on the door shelf of a fridge )

  • put enough salt into the boiled water to help them not getting broken

  • let them to get boiled pretty well

  • let them get cold to protect your hands

  • let them dry well before starting artistic works on them

  • you can put them on their original case to not touch them so much

  • use fantasy - just black ink to make them stylish, warm colors only or cold colors on dots, whatever you think 'll look amazingly unique on them

  • if you choose to let them in one color, add ribbons, bows or lace tiny pieces to look stunning

  • put leaves on them and tie them safely tight with pieces of nylon chocks. Boil them as that . When you remove these materials, the egg 'll reveal the white leaf shape onto the colored font. Super lovely.

  • admire kids smiling happy sharing unforgettable in future life moments

  • you can feel like a kid, too

  • feel these days with lovelies at home

Say it! You didn't enjoy the habit even from words? Sweet liar!

Don't dely. Run to pick 2 dozens of #fresh_eggs, leave them by now on the table for tomorrow works. I promise to show you on a post on Thursday my eggs from this #Easter. This year I 'm to make #various_egg_designs in many styles.

Anyways eggs are a #lovely_protein for our body. After the #wish_telling, when #smashing_eggs top to top/ bottom to bottom on the #Easter_Day, all eat them without guilt.

I love to cut them in slices adding virgin oil drops and lemon, spreading pepper, salt and oregano. What a hyper food suggestion. ( Another menu for you is here to try).

In limited portions, please. #We_dont_need_another_hero - doctor or any #dietician to save us by calories. Oh, my Gosh! I do really need a #good_diet.

Just thinking... as many of you, my friends. I feel you!


( I like to combine song titles to phrases. Anyways you know me well by now, so after Design & Writing,

Music is one of my sweet passions, too :) <3 )


Do you like to follow traditional habits? Do you like hommish food ?

I 'd love to hear from you.

Drop me a line here or even in e-mail.

It's great to exchange views on topics.

P.S. 1. I am here for you, for your Questions on how to find solutions in daily strange issues life causes to us.

I 'll be happy to help you.

Just Ask me.

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