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Shall We Play ''I Want'' & ''I Can'' ? Unique Words You Must Exchange With Your People

Create a game where you can meet your desires and wanting lists. And do never play it alone

Hey, you!

You will build the castle of your "I want".

I will also do the route of my "I can".

The waves will set the course for our "being" and the clouds will fine our inaction.

Shall we play "castles and ships"?

'' You will open the windows of your heart and I will match the sails of my soul to the cells, illuminated by the sun of our desire. Terms do not exist'' .

We both win.

Do you know something?

Isn't it nice to be honest and show our intentions? Ah?

I am approaching your port. Drop anchor.

Take down your ladder, let me go to the living room of your truth ...

This is how romantics rule effectively in real life.

They do not plunder. They do not pirate.

This is how they become leaders in your heart! Do it fast!

Another sweet day has come for you, who love the whole world!

Autumn smiles to the places - summer talks on the temperature! How I do love these days! The bright sun jumps among clouds but the rain doesn't like to fall yet!''

( Photo: Worktime with nice wishes to all. Creating art or - anything you do in life - among blessings to people, makes you happy and lovely useful to others.)

Start your day with blessings to others.

They want and they can do things, like you do.

Let the guiding rule to a place with its own weather.

Following the way it teaches you.

Stay positive and strong in daily basis.

Whenever the verb ''I can'' plays a dirty game on you, run close to the verb ''I want'' to standing out with you giving you the power to go on.

It's a new morning causing you regarding people by heart.

It pulls smoothly a new afternoon, willing a brand new evening.

Just live it.

Make your plan, right now! Have a great new daytime, my friend!

What is your lovely brain game in your day?

Do you want something so much making you dare enough

to do deals with your needs and abilities?


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Blessings to you!


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